Why F1 team Scuderia Toro Rosso relies on Acronis

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 Sept 2017:

It’s easy to assume cloud data storage and management firm Acronis is simply aiming to have its association with the blazing fast Formula One (F1) team Scuderia Toro Rosso be reflected onto its services when marketing to clients worldwide.

But this superficial assumption was quickly dispelled by the F1 team principal Franz Tost is a special media briefing ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend.

“When we first began collecting sensor data and telemetry for our cars some years ago, all we had we just two part-time computer guys. Now we have a full-time team of 16 and we need to manage all the critical data input, which is why we are glad to have Acronis as our partner.”

Tost explained the Acronis partnership now means the team has real-time access to all current and past data across race tracks its drivers had been – allowing for lightning quick strategy formulation and split-second decisions which can impact podium positions, and the championship money it eventually draws.

“Being assured of secured access to our data anytime and anywhere has really changed how our race engineers have been able to work with our drivers. This is really a high-tech sport now and computer experts like Acronis can make a difference both in terms of race performance and financial gains.”

To achieve this assurance, Acronis had provided Scuderia Toro Rosso the ability to share data with team engineers and external parties, while remaining in full control – with the option to wipe this data from remote devices if the need arose.

This was achieved using Acronis Access Advanced to streamline the management of sharing external data – having designed a system capable of handling a rapidly expanding community of users and an unlimited number of files, while maintaining exceptional levels of security.

“In essence, we have a ‘Dropbox’ on steroids, offering maximum performance and ultimate security levels.”

With such confidence, Tost said his two drivers Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly (who replaced Danii Kvyat) aim to keep pushing the limits of their cars and chase podium positions, if not winning races outright.

– Pic by Christopher Nantha

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