MoH quietly stopped daily Covid19 updates

PUTRAJAYA, 14 March 2023:

Malaysia’s daily Covid19 infection report releases have been quietly stopped as the Health Ministry (MoH) is no longer updating this section at its KKMNow website portal.

The last update was on Sunday for cases reported as at 11.59pm on Saturday March 11 – with 223 new Covid19 infections reported on day 345 of the Pre-Endemic period.

At last official count, the nation’s tally had reached 5,045,192 infections – with total recoveries rose at 4,998,845 (99%).

The bulk of the new infections involved self-quarantine, less than 300 patients hospitalised while intensive care units admissions stood at five Covid19 patients, with four needing breathing aids.

The grim statistic of lives lost to Covid19 stood at 36,967 – with the brought-in-dead case subtotal staying at 7,877 casualties.

The dearth of Covid19 information seems to suggest that Malaysia has shifted to the endemic phase without any formal status change announcement.