Malaysia drops road tax disc display for private cars

PUTRAJAYA, 10 Feb 2023:

In a surprise move, Transport Minister Anthony Loke today announced that the road tax and driving licences for private vehicles will be fully digital as of immediate effect.

Similar to Singapore – which did away with physical road tax displays as of 15 Feb 2017 – the flimsy road tax discs for Malaysian vehicles are abolished as of today.

Loke explained this fully digital landscape was made possible as enforcement authorities have been supplied with devices that can access private car and driving licence records online.

Doing away with physical road taxes and driving licences will save the government RM96 million annually. Loke also noted that queues and congestion at Road Transport Department (JPJ) counters will be drastically reduced.

To keep track of these digital records, individuals can download the MyJPJ app and register. Once installed, the app will feature a QR code for enforcement authorities to check – apart from displaying other pertinent information like summonses.

Since the MyJPJ app nor digital copies are compulsory, Loke assured no summonses will be issued if motorists are not able to produce these – as the onus lies on enforcement authorities to access the JPJ database using their own devices.

“Don’t worry, the digital licence is not mandatory. You can still obtain the road tax sticker and a physical licence from JPJ.”