Longer 10-year driver’s licence validity for Malaysians

PUTRAJAYA, 3 May 2023:

All Malaysians can renew the driver’s licence up to a maximum of 10 years from next Monday, May 8, Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced today.

He said this doubling of the existing validity period does not apply to foreigners or any holders of long-term passes or permits or MyKAS cards which are bound by the validity period of the individual’s passport.

The longer driver’s licence validity during renewal is initially possible only at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) counters and will be rolled out to other public access points like Pos Malaysia outlets in due course.

Loke said the renewal charge remains at RM30 annually, but a discount given for the maximum period means the charge would be RM270 for the 10-year renewal.

He also announced a special exemption for the renewal of driver’s licences which expired from 1 Jan 2018 – citing the difficulties for such renewals during Covid19 restrictions, including those unable to return home from abroad.

Current rules require the retaking of the driving test in Malaysia if the driver’s licence has expired for more than three years. With this exemption, Loke said those who qualify can save around RM1,000 in costs related to retaking the driving test.

However, he pointed out that this exemption for expired licences applies only for the renewal is conducted by Dec 31 this year. “The existing rules will go into effect again on 1 Jan 2024.”