Less than 2 million registered foreign workers in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 July 2017:

There are 1,781,598 foreign workers from 13 countries in Malaysia as of June 30, according to the Home Ministry.

Based on the records by the Immigration Department, the ministry said Indonesian workers topped the list with 728,870 people, followed by Nepalese (405,898), Bangladeshis (221,089) and Myanmar nationals (127,705).

“The number of foreign workers from India is 114,455, Pakistan (59,281), the Philippines (56,153), Vietnam (29,039), China (15,399), Thailand (12,603), Sri Lanka (5,964), Cambodia (5,103) and Laos (39),” the ministry said in a written reply to a question at Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

The ministry also said that the government had been implementing a rehiring programme that started on 15 Feb 2016 and ends Dec 31 this year for illegal workers from 15 source countries.

The programme is aimed at giving the illegal foreign workers a chance to obtain valid work permits to meet labour demands in specific sectors, as well as to enable the government to know the number of illegal foreign workers in the country for monitoring and security purposes.

– Bernama

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