Van Gogh show an immersive experience to savour

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 Dec 2022:

Since the ‘Van Gogh Alive’ art exhibit opened in mid-December at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, crowds  caught up in the hoopla have been rushing through this show in bare minutes and wondering what the fuss is all about.

It’s only upon the second or third visit that the immersive experience finally sinks in, with the visitor getting to better appreciate what both the historically acclaimed artist Vincent Van Gogh and exhibit organisers Grande Experiences had aimed to present.

For the best experience, the whole tour takes roughly about an hour plus. Since the ticket entry doesn’t limit a visitor’s time within the exhibit, it is best to savour everything served up – rather than rushing through and expecting a roller-coaster experience.

At the initial gallery, various samples of artwork is displayed with explanatory notes to better understand why these pieces are significant. This unguided wandering is very much like a museum setup – including the artist’s bedroom mockup as well as the chance to draw freestyle using his visionary strokes.

This gallery tour takes about 15 minutes, excluding the time taken for the hands-on drawing lesson.

The main highlight is projection show in the main gallery, complemented with carefully curated accompanying orchestral tunes. This show is unique to Malaysia, co-produced with KKLive and Gravitytai Co Ltd – marking further evolutions from the original exhibition which made its 2011 debut at the Singapore Art Science Museum.

Rather than having to crowd around tiny originals, the floor-to-ceiling projections of the post-impressionist painter’s dramatic brushstrokes and bright colours will draw the visitor into the talented mindset that produced these masterpieces.

The highly-immersive show in seven parts over 45 minutes takes the visitor on the journey with the acclaimed artist from his beginnings to his eventual tragedy, unfolding his story with about 3,000 images in full sensurround.

This immersion is hypnotic – just sit back and be bathed by the genius. If the first set doesn’t wow you, stay on for a repeat and realise why Van Gogh is so highly acclaimed the world over – with this show in demand at o ver 80 cities worldwide.

Running till 16 March 2023, entry tickets are priced at RM75 for adults – discounted to RM68 for children aged 11 and younger plus senior citizens above 60.