Jacinda Ardern’s insult to MP auctioned for NZ$100,100

WELLINGTON, 22 Dec 2022:

A foundation against prostate cancer today auctioned for NZ$100,100 the copy of the parliamentary act where New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern called an opposition legislator an “arrogant prick.”

In the auction held on the Trademe portal, which ended at 1pm local time, 282 bidders participated – although the identity of the winner is unknown at this time.

The insult, which she uttered without realising the microphone in her seat was on, against MP David Seymour, leader of the neoliberal ACT New Zealand party, occurred last week during a session in parliament in Wellington.

The Labor leader apologised to the opponent, who accepted the apology.

On the bid website entitled “Ardern and Seymour join forces for cocoons around the world,, the two politicians appear smiling in a series of photographs signing the copy of the act in the prime minister’s office.

The foundation will present the winner with “a framed printout of the Act of Parliament signed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the once arrogant prick ACT leader David Seymour.”

Funds raised will go to the New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation, where the disease afflicts one in eight men.