Hospital conducts blood donation drive after ‘buka puasa’

KOTA BHARU, 11 June 2017: 

The Blood Bank Unit of the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital (HRPZ 11) has its own approach in ensuring adequate blood supply during Ramadan, by conducting nocturnal blood donation campaigns at mosques.

HRPZ Transfusion Unit chief Dr Zalina Mahmood said the blood was for emergency use to help accident victims during the Aidilfitri festive season.

“Normally, the public do not like to donate blood during the day and take the opportunity to do so after breaking-the-fast.

“We only target 30 bags of blood for every blood donation session held at a mosque.”

She said the HRPZ 11 had been holding blood donation campaigns at the Muhammadi Mosque, Ismailian Mosque Pasir Pekan (Tumpat), al-Taqwa Mosque and al-Qudus Mosque here from the beginning of Ramadan.

Dr Zalina said 1,200 to 1,300 bags of blood were used in a month at the hospital to accommodate the shortage of patients’ blood during operations and emergencies.

She also did not rule out blood usage would be on the increase, especially during the coming festive season.

She noted blood supply at hospitals was normally low during Ramadan because Muslims fasted (during the day) and blood donations were only held after they broke their fast.

“As such, we also urge government agencies and the private sector to hold blood donation campaigns at their respective places to fill hospital blood banks in every district.

“To date, the blood supply at HRPZ 11 is not critical, but overall, we expect the need for blood will go up this year because more operations are conducted at HRPZ 11 currently.”

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