Going the extra mile to extract benefit from used cooking oil

SUBANG JAYA, 1 Aug 2017:

The owner of Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant in SS15 here has made his first step to go ‘green’ by pledging his used cooking oil to the SS14 Rukun Tetangga Recycling Centre.

Alan Leow, who runs the restaurant in the commercial hub of SS15, received his 25kg drum to start collecting his used cooking oil in support of the community initiative.

“I don’t have much used cooking oil as I only fry chicken, but this effort by the community is good. When I was approached I felt that I should support it.

“Disposal of the used cooking oil is a hassle and if I were to just discharge it into the drain, it would be very irresponsible.”

He was happy to contribute to the recycling effort as the used cooking oil would be converted into biogas – and the proceeds of the sale of the oil would be channelled to the community.

The effort – a partnership between SS14RT, MPSJ, JKP Zone 1, Lions Club of Subang Jaya and KitaReward – hopes to play a small but significant role in reducing the discharge of used cooking oil into our drainage system; reducing food debris from going into the drains which will help reduce food source for rodents and cockroaches.

Any food operator can contribute to the effort. A drum will be provided by KitaReward, the contractor assigned to take on this project. Once the drum is full, KitaReward will send its team to empty out the oil.

Do you own and operate a food outlet in Subang Jaya and wish to participate in this programme? Drop us a message on SJ Echo Facebook and we will put you in touch with the “Green Team” from SS14 Rukun Tetangga.

– SJ Echo

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