Busting sex myths for clueless Malaysians

PETALING JAYA, 19 May 2023:

Many Malaysians remain clueless about sexual interactions as much of what they learnt came from watching pornography or reading online articles and social media posts.

An example would be the myth of using double condoms for supposed better protection – when this actually causes more failures due to the friction between these two surfaces. Belief in this myth was at 35% in a survey conducted in April-May 2022, compared to 20% during a 2016 survey.

These findings were released by Durex Malaysia marketing manager Jerome Goh, while announcing an initiative by the prophylactic firm called Durex Academy.

He said this initiative, in full compliance of local regulations, aims to let Malaysian residents and beyond to get a better understanding of sexual intimacy facts and also to correct myths.

Focusing beyond sexual health, the academy’s online courses also gives focus to cultivating safe and healthy intimate practices – including when “No” still applies even in a non-sexual context, like simply touching.

Ensuring the platform provides accurate information in a safe private space, all questions sent in are confidential and answered by experts, said Goh.

“We’re encouraging more open conversations around sex, destigmatising myths and taboos surrounding sexual education.

“Many young adults aren’t able to get full facts from their parents as the older folk themselves aren’t well-versed with sexual facts.”

Beyond the online access, Durex Academy will also be conducted as physical exhibits at various locations like universities and colleges.

“We’re working towards informed choices, consent and responsible decision-making, fostering a society where knowledge conquers ignorance and respect triumphs over fear.”