McDonald’s latest to offer Menu Rahmah items at RM5

PETALING JAYA, 8 March 2023:

With over 1,150 dining outlets across Malaysia now already offering affordable meals priced at RM5 and below, another 300 plus McDonald’s outlets have joined this national initiative dubbed Menu Rahmah.

Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub today welcomed this fastfood chain’s launching three meal sets priced at RM5, describing this move as endorsement of Menu Rahmah as more than just a cheap meal gimmick.

“This means consumers have a range of choices for Menu Rahmah meals, from nasi lemak to roti canai to now burgers and bubur (porridge).

“These meals are being offered without any compulsion from the government, it seems that many of these private entities were already looking for ways to give back to the community and helping the underprivileged.

“But this is only the beginning as I’ve been informed there are many more fastfood chains and dining outlets are also joining this Menu Rahmah initiative. It’s not a new concept and we’re glad to have many recognising pioneers who have been offering meals at RM2 or RM3 for many years of their own accord.”

For McDonald’s, there are three meals sets being offered at RM5 to cater for its round-the-clock menus. All its meals come with a small serving of iced lemon tea with McEgg during breakfast, plus Bubur Ayam McD and Chicken Burger at regular times.

There are no limits set on orders of these Menu Rahmah items, said vice president and chief marketing officer Melati Abdul Hai. All three items are available from today at all McDonald’s outlets across Malaysia – including drive-ins and app orders, she noted.

The Menu Rahmah items launch comes together with the Ramadan specialties of the chicken and beef foldovers – which are also available at all McDonald’s outlets from today.

Melati added that the fastfood chain is also running its ‘Promosi 30 Hari Ramadan’ campaign via its app during the fasting month.