Finas to change rules for emerging talent support

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Jan 2024:

Malaysia’s National Film Development Corporation (Finas) is looking for better ways to identify and nurture emerging content creation talent, said chairman Datuk Kamil Othman.

He said new guidelines are being drawn up for submission to seek approval from the government because the current rules, especially in relation to funding grants, don’t seem to provide enough flexibility and leeway for emerging talents.

“We want funding to go direct to the creative talents, to encourage them to produce better works. Maybe we can start small with short videos of no more than five minutes, then get them to produce 30-minute shows before moving to full 90-minute or longer movies.

“With this step-by-step approach, Finas hopes to better nurture rising talents to develop their skills instead of expecting them to be fully-developed before gaining access to supporting funds.”

Speaking after launching the 9th Malaysia National Championship for design, organised by Creative Cloud Community and Acestar, he said there needs to be a shift away from depending on government grants for content production.

“The funding environment in other countries is driven by the private sector and we need to have something similar in Malaysia. This competition is an example of how such private sector support can provide the seeds for emerging talents to prosper.”