Journalist body found headless, limbs sawn off

COPENHAGEN, 23 Aug 2017: 

Police today identified a headless female torso washed ashore in Copenhagen as that of Swedish journalist Kim Wall – who they believe was killed by a Danish inventor on board his home-made submarine.

Wall, who was researching a story on inventor Peter Madsen, went missing after he took her out to sea in his 17m submarine on Aug 10. He denies a charge of murdering her.

Announcing the results of tests on the torso discovered by a passing cyclist yesterday, police spokesman Jens Moller said it had suffered damage – suggesting “an attempt to make sure air and gas inside should leave the body so that it would not rise from the seabed”.

He added: “There was also some metal attached to the body, allegedly also to make sure the body would sink to the bottom.”

The arms, legs and head had been sawn from the body. Analysis showed a match with Wall’s DNA, which the police had gathered from a toothbrush and a hairbrush, and with blood found in the submarine, Moller said.

Police still do not know the cause of death and are searching for additional body parts with divers.

Madsen’s defence lawyer, Betina Hald Engmark, was not immediately available for comment, but had told Danish media he was sticking to his explanation her death was caused by an accident.

Madsen has told a court that following the alleged accident, he “buried” Wall at sea – changing his previous statement to police that he dropped her off alive in Copenhagen.

A day after taking Wall out to sea, the inventor was rescued after his UC3 Nautilus vessel sank. Police found nobody else on board.

The bizarre case has riveted Swedish and Danish media, and made headlines around the world.

– Reuters

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