Found dead – man suspected of deaf-mute couple shooting

PATTANI, 11 July 2019:

A suspect in the shooting two days ago of a deaf and mute married couple in Pattani, southern Thailand was found dead yesterday.

Thai Army Region 4 spokesman Col Pramote Prom-in said the body of the suspect – identified as Ahamad Maat from Kg Baloi, Yaring, Pattani – was found in the forest at Kg Saban, about 3km from the murder scene at 4pm (local time).

“The suspect is believed to have died in a shootout with police on the day of the incident (July 9) and was carried to the forest by a friend,” he told a media conference here today.

He said the suspect had two arrest warrants issued by the Pattani court.

Pramote said police also found two motorcycles believed to belong to the suspects. Both machines had earlier been reported missing in Pattani.

“Police are still tracking down three other suspects. They are believed to be hiding in the area near the scene.”

The couple was heading home to Panare, Pattani from Pattani Hospital on motorcycle before being gunned down around 1.30pm (local time).

Rachawud Keawsi, 36, who was shot on the chest died on the spot while his wife Supassorn Pajjimanon, 28, who was hit on the chest and head succumbed to her injuries at Yaring Hospital.

– Bernama