Aussie police warn of fines for misusing ‘L’ & ‘P’ plates

MELBOURNE, 8 June 2019: 

Police in the Australian state of Victoria have reminded fully qualified drivers they face possible fines if their vehicles have the learner plates “L’ or ‘P’ without valid authorisations.

While learner drivers are required to have these plates displayed when in control of their vehicles, qualified drivers have to remove them afterwards if they use the same vehicle.

“Under the Road Safety Drivers Regulations, you will receive a A$161 fine,” Victorian Police said in a Facebook posting.

This reminder to remove the ‘L’ or ‘P’ plates comes with an extra bit – the qualified driver can also receive demerit points which count towards  possible driving licence suspension.

While many comments to this post were negative, one noted: “This law has been around for more than 20 years, don’t get your knickers in a knot because now they are advertising that they will enforce it.”