Couple ran marathon in 5 hours – on own balcony! (video)

Dubai, 28 March 2020:

Two Dubai residents today completed a unique marathon as they ran their 19m terrace 2,220 times amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The South African couple streamed the marathon on social media to encourage people to exercise at home.

Collin Allin and his wife Hilda began the marathon at 6am local time and needed over five hours to finish the 42.2km.

“Just want people to focus on something else, as athletes we are trained to overcome adversity and so doing something completely crazy to prove that although we are up against all odds we will survive,” said Collin Allin, 41.

Their objective is to help connect people with a hope they are inspired to remain positive, he said.

“Mental health is real and we need to stay active and busy to avoid a negative spiral,” added the brand manager for a famous sporting sunglasses company.

“I am working on a global 5km indoor run… and we can work out together and raise money to help fight this invisible enemy. Hoping it is the largest indoor running event in the world.”

The UAE authorities have urged people to work out and stay in shape at home.

On the avenues of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, foreign residents used to run and exercise whenever suitable.

These outdoor activities have been banned; while gyms and sport clubs have been shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Earlier this week, the government imposed a curfew from 8pm to 6am local time to disinfect streets and public places.

UAE is one of the Arab world’s most touristic countries and its its airports are among the busiest in the region. UAE has reported 405 coronavirus cases and two deaths.


Drone Footage shot by Matt Heptonstall this morning while we were running .. cool to see it from a different angle .. Thamks for all the love and support .. was great to connect to you all for a good few hours … 5.09 for 42.2km on a balcony.. don’t recommend it.. haha.. #fortheloveofsport #oneobsession

Posted by Collin Allin on Saturday, March 28, 2020