Australian F1 GP latest to be cancelled over Covid-19 concerns

PARIS, 6 July 2021:

Australian Formula One (F1) Grand Prix and MotoGP have been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the GP corporation confirmed today.

Australia has been experiencing a resurgence in coronavirus cases as the authorities imposing strict health and travel rules, which would make it hard for the races to take place.

An F1 spokesman said they are disappointed the event cannot take place. However, they “are confident we can deliver a 23-race season in 2021 and we have a number of options to take forward to replace the place left vacant by the Australian Grand Prix”.

“We will be working through the details of those options in the coming weeks and will provide further updates once those discussions are concluded.”

For the MotoGP, the Malaysian Grand Prix was brought forward one week and will be held on Oct 24, the day originally scheduled for the race in Australia.

Algarve MotoGP in the Portuguese town of Portimao, will take place on Nov 7.