Post-MCO day 104: Covid-19 daily new cases at 4,116, inclusive of 498 imported

PUTRAJAYA, 22 Jan 2022:

Daily new Covid-19 cases stayed above the 4,000 mark the second straight day as 4,116 persons tested positive over the past 24 hours to raise Malaysia’s tally to 2,829,089 infections.

Imported cases remained high at 498, inclusive of 92 foreigners, while local transmissions involved 3,504 Malaysians (96.8%) and 114  non-citizens. Of this total, 39 persons (0.9%) had to be hospitalised.

Still leading with most new cases is Selangor (1,145), followed by Johor (568), Kelantan (430), Kedah (342), Kuala Lumpur (314), Penang (249), Negeri Sembilan (244), Sabah (218), Pahang (190), Melaka (168), Perak (136), Terengganu (48), Putrajaya (28), Perlis (17), Sarawak (14) and Labuan (5).

Outpaced by new cases the 2,858 discharges brought total recoveries to 2,753,119 (97.3%) as active cases shot up 1,226 to 42,843 – with 335,554 (83%) in home quarantine, 4,278 (10%) at Low-Risk Covid-19 Quarantine and Treatment Centres and 2,862 (6.7%) hospitalised.

Numbers have dipped at intensive care units with 116 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus 25 more suspected) and among those needing breathing aids with 44 confirmed Covid-19 cases (plus another 18 suspected).

The grim statistic of lives lost to Covid-19 added 16 more confirmed fatalities to bring the death toll to 31,869 – inclusive of another two brought-in-dead cases to raise this subtotal to 6,427 casualties. The backlog of around a week for Covid-19 death confirmations is due to testing priority given to healing the living.

Active clusters have risen to 225 out of 6,293 identified todate as another nine were added today – with seven being education clusters, together with two workplace clusters in Johor (Jalan Ihp Iskandar JB) and Kelantan (Kampung Renab Tanah Merah).

The education clusters are in Johor (Batu 7 Jalan Kluang), Kedah (Dah Mutiara Naga Kubang Pasu and Dah Sungai Badak Kulim), Penang (Jalan Sungai Burung Perai), Perlis (R122 Bukit Keteri Kangar), Sabah (Jalan Bypass Kologon Ranau) and Selangor (Sungai Raba Kuala Langat).

In its daily update, the Health Ministry also said another 462 Covid-19 delta variant cases have been detected since Jan 19 till today – with the bulk in Sarawak (278) and Selangor (99), resulting in an overall tally of:

  • 6,188 cases of delta variant,
  • 439 cases of omicron variant,
  • 233 cases of beta variant,
  • 14 cases of alpha variant;
  • 13 cases of theta variant,
  • 4 cases of kappa variant, and
  • 3 cases of eta variant.