Over 150,000 MyKads not collected even 2 years later

JITRA, 16 July 2017: 

A total of 159,000 MyKad are awaiting collection and some of them had been ready for more than two years.

There is no reason for the public not to collect their MyKad once they are ready because currently there are 231 offices of the National Registration Department (NRD) nationwide, said NRD director-general Datuk Mohd Yazid Ramli.

In fact, he said the number was also expected to increase with the setting up of new Urban Transformation Centres (UTC) and Rural Transformation Centres (RTC) as the department was one of the must have facilities at each of these  centres.

“If they are unwell or unable to collect the MyKad at district NRD offices, we have mobile services which to homes or at the hospital, they just need to inform the department.

“In fact, if they don’t have time during daytime, our offices at UTC are open until 10pm,” he said after launching the Kedah MyKad Distributed Printing Project (DPP) here today.

In this regard, the NRD had previously planned to shorten the validity period of the temporary identity card receipt as one of the initiatives to reduce unclaimed MyKad cases and to raise the fees for those who fail to claim within the given period.

Meanwhile, the DPP Hub Project allows the MyKad submission period for the sub-hub offices to be shortened from 10 working days to five days in the peninsula while from 30 days to seven days in Sabah and Sarawak.

Thirty-six out of 55 DPP offices nationwide have been turned to a DPP hub which will print MyKad applied at 157 nearby NRD offices (sub-hubs), thus shortening the production period of MyKad 50-77%.

In Kedah, it involves two hubs namely the state NRD headquarters which will print MyKad being applied at Padang Terap, Pendang, Yan, Kubang Pasu, Pokok Sena, Sik, Napoh RTC and Bandar Baharu sub-hubs while Alor Setar UTC at Baling and Langkawi sub-hubs.

– Bernama

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