Myvi driven dangerously – driver remanded 3 days

REMBAU, 12 Feb 2020:

The driver of a Perodua Myvi car in a viraled video – showing a two-year-old boy was thrown out of a car and landed in the fast lane of the south-bound North-South Expressway – is in remand for three days from today to facilitate investigations.

Negeri Sembilan Traffic Investigation and Enforcement deputy head DSP Shaifulizan Sulaiman said the remand against the 20-year-old man was issued by magistrate Tan Chai Wei.

The man, clad in T-shirt and black short trousers, arrived at the court accompanied by a few policemen. He would be in remand until Friday Feb 14.

He was arrested in Batu Berendam, Melaka, at about 4.50pm yesterday.

Yesterday, a 59-second video recording of the incident via a dashboard camera went viral on the social media.

The incident took place about 3.20pm at KM 235.5, of the north-bound expressway near Senawang.

The boy was travelling with his family in a car when he was thrown out of the vehicle after the driver lost control of the wheel while trying to avoid colliding with another car that was being driven in a dangerous manner.

Meanwhile, Negeri Sembilan Women Affairs, Family and Welfare Action Committee chairman Nicole Tan Lee Koon, who visited the boy at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban today, said the boy sustained slight external injuries and was reported in stable condition.

The x-ray conducted on him showed there was no internal injury, she told reporters, adding that the state government would provide financial contribution and a child restraint seat (CSR) for his family.

“The incident clearly shows the importance of using child seat…it is also hoped that with this incident, the public will comply with the regulations on the use of use of CSR for children.”

Meanwhile, the boy’s father, K. Satthiaseelan, 33, said he was driving on the right lane of the expressway when, through his rear-view mirror, he saw a Honda Jazz with high beams and a Perodua Myvi trailing closely behind it.

“When I wanted to give way, a Perodua Myvi suddenly came from the left lane and cut across to the right lane, hitting the left rear side of my car. In doing so, and the impact caused me to ram into the divider.

“It was then that I saw my son flying through the window screen of the front passenger seat. I immediately stopped the car in the middle of the road and searched for him in the car, but could not find him. It was only after that, I saw him in the middle of the road and quickly went to him.”

Satthiaseelan, a furniture factory worker who resides in Taman Cempaka, Rantau, thanked all quarters for their assistance in the incident, especially the lorry driver, who stopped his vehicle and then went to get his son, Tisshaaanth

Alliance of Safe Community chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said it is the responsibility of parents or other adults to ensure the safety of children travelling in vehicles.

He said studies have shown children were at greater risk of suffering serious injuries in accidents if they were allowed to sit on others’ laps or on the front passenger seat as they could easily be thrown out of the car or trapped by the airbags activated by the impact of a crash.

“I therefore once again urge all road users to take responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers. Place the child on the back seat and make sure they wear a seat belt or (use) child safety seat.

“All road users also need to drive carefully and do not race, overtake or drive recklessly on the roads as their irresponsible attitude and action will not only endanger themselves but also other law-abiding road users.”

All parties should abide by the compulsory child safety seat ruling which came into effect this year, he said in a statement today.

He was commenting on the case of a two-year-old boy who was thrown out of his father’s car following a collision at KM235.5 of the North-South Expressway on Monday. The boy miraculously survived, suffering only superficial injuries.

Lee said this case must be taken seriously by all parties and should not be considered as a freak incident.

“It’s hard to imagine a small child his age riding in a car with his mother and father, could be thrown out of the car. It’s even harder to imagine that the boy had landed on the right lane of the middle of the highway, dedicated to speeding vehicles.”

Lee said this incident has raised questions on why the child was not wearing a safety belt or made to sit in a child car seat.

Alliance of Safety Community is a non-governmental organisation which aims to communitise safety and health awareness and make it a Malaysian trait.

Formed in 2018, the organisation comprises retired professionals and those who are still active in their respective industries.

– Bernama