MCO day 571: Another 8,743 new Covid-19 cases

PUTRAJAYA, 9 Oct 2021:

The 8,743 daily additions of Covid-19 infections has raised Malaysia’s tally to 2,332,221 cases.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin tweeted: “We have been focusing exclusively on daily case numbers for too long. As we transition to endemicity we will still report daily cases but the details will be uploaded together with all other important data/indicators on CovidNow at night from now on.”

In it daily report, the Health Ministry (MoH) said these details will be uploaded to the CovidNow website at midnight daily.

Highest figures were recorded in Selangor (1,349) and Sarawak (1,125), triple digits were reported in Kelantan (940), Johor (859), Sabah (759), Perak (723), Terengganu (590), Pahang (553), Penang (537), Kedah (437), Melaka (289), Kuala Lumpur (283) and Negeri Sembilan (195). Fewest new cases were charted in Labuan (1), Putrajaya (23) and Perlis (66).

Today’s figures saw half of the 14 imported cases being foreigners while local transmissions involved 8,258 Malaysians (94.6%) and 471 non-citizens. Of this total, 122 persons (1.4%) had to be hospitalised.

The 14,422 discharges brought total recoveries to 2,184,711 (93.7%) as active cases further dropped 3,051 to 125,999 – with 100,845 (80%) in home quarantine, 16,481 (13.1%) at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 7,881 (6.3%) hospitalised.

Reductions were also seen at intensive care units with 714 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus another 56 suspected) and among those needing breathing aids with 304 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus another 115 suspected).

The grim statistic of lives lost to Covid-19 has risen to a confirmed 27,265 deaths, with the brought-in-dead toll up to 5,500.

The latest available daily confirmed death toll of 90 on Oct 1 marked the first time in months that casualties have fallen below 100 in a 24-hour period – but this grim statistic may yet change as backlog updates are still taking place from Sept 18 at MoH’s CovidNow website.

This website also revealed that Covid-19 deaths till Oct 8 included 2,420 fully vaccinated persons, 5,938 partially vaccinated and 18,833 unvaccinated.

Malaysia’s adult population has reached 89.4% fully vaccinated status as of yesterday with 20,927,867 persons completely inoculated, while another 1,239,044 (5.3%) partially vaccinated and another 1,242,689 (5.3%) yet to be vaccinated. The 100% target for fully vaccinated adults has now been changed from Oct 26 to 3 March 2022.

Including youths aged 12-17 and excluding children aged 11 and younger, 21,104,896 persons representing 64.6% of Malaysia’s population had been fully vaccinated and 3,279,935 (10%) partially vaccinated. Though another 8,272,569 (25.3%) persons have yet to be vaccinated, the target of 80% fully vaccinated persons is projected to be reached on Nov 18.

There were two high-risk groups in Pahang (Jalan Tengku Abdul Samad Raub) and Penang (Jalan Masjid Negeri) among the 10 new clusters identified today.

The four community clusters are in Kelantan (Kampung Belukar Kubang Gadong Pasir Mas and Kampung Nakhoda Saamah Kota Bharu), Pahang (Kampung Seboi Temerloh) and Perak (Sungai Pelus Kuala Kangsar).

The remainder four workplace clusters are in Johor (Industri Jalan Kesturi Batu Pahat), Negeri Sembilan (Jalan Tampin – Gemas 2), Pahang (Sawit Ulu Keratong Rompin) and Selangor (Industri Dua Jalan Labohan Dagang-Nilai).

The number of active clusters had further fallen to 845 out of 5,580 identified todate.