MCO day 570: Covid-19 daily new cases at 9,751, epicentre shifting to Klang Valley

PUTRAJAYA, 8 Oct 2021:

Daily additions to Covid-19 infections remain stubbornly high with another 9,751 persons testing positive over the past 24 hours, raising Malaysia’s tally to 2,323,478 cases.

The three states with 4-figure new cases are Selangor (1,796), Sarawak (1,339) and Kelantan (1,052) while triple digits were reported in Johor (864), Sabah (705), Terengganu (650), Perak (643), Penang (632), Kedah (578), Pahang (551), Kuala Lumpur (313), Melaka (244) and Negeri Sembilan (243).

Fewest new cases were recorded in Labuan (2), Putrajaya (45) and Perlis (94).

There were 11 Malaysians among the 15 imported cases, local transmissions involved 9,118 citizens (93.7%) and 618 foreigners. Of this total, 206 (2.1%) per sons were hospitalised.

The 12,724 discharges brought total recoveries to 2,170,289 (93.4%) as active cases fell by 3,126 to 129,049 – with 103,717 (80.4%) in home quarantine, 16,558 (12.8%) at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 7,947 (6.2%) hospitalised.

Reductions were seen at intensive care units with 715 confirmed Covid-19 cases (plus another 77 suspected) and among those needing breathing aids with 302 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus another 84 suspected).

The grim statistic of lives lost to Covid-19 has passed yet another milestone to 27,113 as another 132 backlog death confirmations were added and the number of brought-in-dead victims rose by another 26 to 5,45.

While the death trend has fallen below a weekly average of 200 fatalities daily as of Sept 16, it still remains above 100 daily as at Sept 30 – the latest available confirmed data at the CovidNow website by the Health Ministry.

As of yesterday, 20,856,337 adults have been fully vaccinated – making up 89.1% of Malaysia’s adult population – while 1,296,965 (5.5%) have been partially vaccinated and another 1,256,298 (5.4%) are slated to be fully vaccinated by Oct 26.

Including youths aged 12-17 and excluding children aged 11 and younger, a total of 21,004,275 persons have been fully vaccinated, making up 64.3% of Malaysia’s population.

There was an education cluster in Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Maktab Sungai Besi Cheras) among the 10 identified today, together with a high-risk group in Kelantan (Jalan Bachok Dua) plus two community clusters in Pahang (Kampung Sungai Ubi Cameron Highlands and Rumpun Makmur Temerloh).

The remainder six workplace clusters are in Johor (Industri Gemilang Kluang), Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Budiman 25 Cheras), Melaka (Industri Teknologi Cheng Sembilan), Perak (Tapak Bina Taman Changkat Iskandar) and Selangor (Industri Jalan Kecapi 33/2 Klang and Jalan Lama Bagan Terap Sabak Bernam).

Falling below 900 for the first time in months, the 874 active clusters out of 5,570 identified todate contributed 382 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up another 5,265 cases and 4,089 came from other screenings.