MCO day 569: Covid-19 daily new cases rose to 9,890, another 384 more delta variant cases

PUTRAJAYA, 7 Oct 2021:

Daily additions to Covid-19 infections are rising again with 9,890 more persons testing positive over the past 24 hours to raise Malaysia’s tally to 2,313,727 cases.

The three states with 4-figure new cases are Sarawak (1,413), Selangor (1,402) and Kelantan (1,032) while tripple digits were recorded in Johor (993), Sabah (820), Perak (794), Penang (721), Terengganu (699), Pahang (564), Kedah (503), Melaka (260), Kuala Lumpur (250), Perlis (200) and Negeri Sembilan (180).

Only Labuan had no new cases reported while Putrajaya had 59.

Half of the 18 imported cases are foreigners, local transmissions were made up of 9,294 Malaysians (94.1%) and 578 non-citizens. Of this total, 162 (1.6%) needed hospitalisation.

As of yesterday, 384 delta (B.1.617.2) variant cases have been detected, raising such infections to 1,996 overall, together with eight beta ((B.1.351)) variant cases to bring this total to 222.

The 12,884 discharges brought total recoveries to 2,157,565 (93.3%) as active cases dropped by another 3,770 to 132,175 – with 106,903 (80.9%) in home quarantine, 16,328 (12.4%) at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 8,097 (6.1%) hospitalised.

Significant drops at intensive care units now has 782 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus another 45 suspected) and among those needing breathing aids with 336 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus another 109 suspected).

While only two confirmed deaths were reported yesterday – in Kelantan and Melaka – the backlog (dating back to Sept 24) confirmations saw the addition of 105 fatalities to bring the death toll to 26,981 together with 26 brought in dead to raise this tally to 5,424 casualties.

Though qualifying that the data is not indicative of vaccine effectiveness against breakthrough death, the Health Ministry’s CovidNow website revealed that 2,337 (9.1%) fully vaccinated persons had been reported dead in the past six months, together 5,910 (23.1%) partially vaccinated and 17,344 (67.8%) unvaccinated).

As of yesterday, 20,786,568 adults have been fully vaccinated – representing 88.8% of Malaysia’s adults – while 1,348,674 (5.8%) are partially vaccinated and another 1,274,358 (5.4%) slated to be fully vaccinated by Oct 26.

For the overall population – including youths aged 12-17, but excluding children aged 11 and younger – 20,915,720 (64%) persons have been fully vaccinated, 3,284,646 (10.1%) partial and 8,457,034 (25.9%) are still unvaccinated.

There are two education clusters in Kedah (Dah Taman Ihsan Kulim) and Kelantan (Lubok Tapah Pasir Mas) among the 13 identified today, together with three community clusters in Johor (Jalan Terus Mersing) and Pahang (Kampung Pantos Lipis and Paya Sendayan Temerloh).

The remainder eight workplace clusters are in Johor (Industri PLO Parit Raja Batu Pahat, Industri Tun Abdul Majid Kota Tinggi and Jalan Yahya Kota Tinggi), Kelantan (Jalan Banggol Setol Pasir Mas and Kampung Bukit Bunga Tanah Merah), Negeri Sembilan (Industri Jalan Senawang Tiga 2), Penang (Permatang Nibong Tebal) and Selangor ( Industri Jalan Enggang Batu 9 Kuala Langat).

The 911 active clusters out of 5,560 identified todate contributed 697 out of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up another 5,116 cases and 4,059 came from other screenings.