MCO day 568: Another 9,380 new Covid-19 cases, 3 deaths identified so far yesterday

PUTRAJAYA, 6 Oct 2021:

The latest 9,380 daily additions of Covid-19 infections has raised Malaysia’s tally past another milestone to 2,303,837 cases.

States with 4-figure new cases are Sarawak (1,503), Kelantan (1,170), Selangor (1,116) and Johor (1,105) while triple digits were recorded in Sabah (790), Terengganu (704), Perak (629), Penang (623), Kedah (556), Pahang (511), Kuala Lumpur (214), Melaka (200) and Negeri Sembilan (191).

Fewest new cases were reported in Labuan (8), Putrajaya (18) and Perlis (42).

There were eight Malaysians among the 13 imported cases, local transmissions involved 8,755 citizens (93.5%) and 612 foreigners. Of this total, 181 (1,9%) needed hospitalisation.

The 13,045 discharges raising total recoveries to 2,144,681 (93.1%) with active cases reduced by 6,915 to 135,945 patients – with 110,462 (81.3%) in home quarantine, 16,394 (12.1%) Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 8,243 (6.1%) hospitalised.

Reductions were also seen at intensive care units with 800 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus another 51 suspected) and among those needing breathing aids with 348 confirmed Covid-19 patients (plus another 99 suspected).

The daily report at the Health Ministry’s CovidNow website has disclosed that three deaths have been identified so far yesterday in Pahang (1), Perak (1) and Terengganu (1) – with confirmation delays dating back to Sept 29.

As such, the nation’s Covid-19 death toll may rise further and it now stands at 26,876 after 117 more fatalities were recorded as at yesterday – inclusive of 16 more brought-in-dead cases, raising the total to 5,398 casualties.

Being closely watched as indicator of when inter-state travel will be allowed, yesterday’s tally stood at 20,698,852 persons representing 88.4% of fully vaccinated adults in Malaysia with another 1,418,743 (6.1%) partially vaccinated and the remaining unvaccinated 1,292,005 (5.6%) due to complete their doses by Oct 26.

Factoring in youths aged 12-17, a total of 20,819,254 persons representing 63.8% of Malaysia’s population (excluding children aged 11 and younger) have been fully vaccinated and 3,265,890 (10%) partially vaccinated, with 8,572,256 (26.3%) unvaccinated.

There was a high-risk group in Kelantan (Gual Tinggi Pasir Mas) among the 11 new clusters identified today.

The five community clusters are mainly in Kelantan (Kampung Biah Kota Bharu, Kampung Hutan Melor Pasir Puteh, Kampung Kedondong Hilir Pasir Mas and Kampung Sokor Kota Bharu) plus one in Negeri Sembilan (Langkap 2 Kuala Pilah).

The remainder five workplace clusters are in Johor (Industri Batu Empat Kempas, Seri Paya Tangkak and Tapak Bina Jalan Pendas JB) plus one each in Kelantan (Dataran Air Muleh Pasir Mas) and Selangor (Industri Dua Batu 29 Jalan Ipoh Hulu Selangor).

The 932 active clusters out of 5,547 identified so far contributed 426 out of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up another 4,697 cases and 4,244 came from other screenings.