MCO day 547: Covid-19 new cases at 19,495, another 463 deaths

PUTRAJAYA, 15 Sept 2021:

Heath director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah announced that 19,495 more people had tested positive for Covid-19 over the past 24 hours, raising the nation’s tally to 2,030,935 infections.

The eight states with 4-figure new cases are Sarawak (4,709), Selangor (2,710), Sabah (2,015), Johor (1,860), Penang (1,757), Kelantan (1,434), Kedah (1,178) and Perak (1,174).

Triple digits were recorded in Terengganu (993), Pahang (766), Kuala Lumpur (363), Negeri Sembilan (222), Melaka (190) and Perlis (108). Putrajaya had 16 new cases while Labuan reported none.

There were five Malaysians among the 11 imported cases, local transmissions involved 17,860 citizens (91.7%) and 1,624 foreigners. Of this total, 308 (1.6%) persons were hospitalised.

Malaysia has stepped yet closer to achieving herd immunity as 17,653,079 adults have been fully vaccinated as of yesterday against Covid-19, making up 75.4% of the adult population.

Another 21,649,228 adults have received their first jabs, a figure representing 92.5% of the adult population, according the the Health Ministry’s CovidNow website.

In terms of the overall population, which includes youngsters aged below 18, 54.1% have been fully vaccinated and 66.3% have received the first jabs – which leaves 33.7% unvaccinated.

For those unvaccinated as yet, 2,430,190 (7.4%) persons are awaiting their first jabs while 8,577,982 (26.3%) have still not registered.

As at 11.59pm on Sept 14, active cases have further reduced by 2,847 to 225,277 persons under observation – including 186,094 (82.6%) in home quarantine, 25,238 (11.2%) at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 12,703 (5.6%) hospitalised.

There was a drop in number of patients at intensive care units (911 Covid-19 positive and 361 suspected) and needing breathing aids (414 Covid-19 positive and 227 suspected).

The grim statistic of lives lost to Covid-19 chalked up another 71 yesterday, rising to 463 fatalities after adding delayed reporting, including 108 brought in dead, raising the death toll to 21,587 – with casualties in Selangor (255), Kedah (54), Johor (38), Perak (24), Penang (23), Kelantan (19), Sabah (16), Kuala Lumpur (12), Sarawak (7), Pahang (6), Melaka (4), Terengganu (3) and Negeri Sembilan (2).

There was an education clusters in Kedah (Dah Batu Lima Sik) among the 25 identified today, together with a religious cluster in Kelantan (Kampung Gual Dalam Pasir Mas) and two high-risk groups in Johor (Jalan Murni Jaya Dua JB) and Selangor ( Jalan Bukit Mertajam Klang).

The seven community clusters are in Kelantan (Kampung Banggol Stol Pasir Mas, Kampung Serungga Hulu Pasir Mas and Taman Desa Rahmat Kota Bharu), Pahang (Kampung Berhamah Lipis) and Sarawak (Sebobok Bau, Sungai Buloh Pakan and Sungai Ipoh Pakan).

The 14 workplace clusters comprised:

  • 4 in Johor (Industri Jalan Seelong Senai Kulai, Jalan Besi Dua Kota Tinggi, Lorong Aik Hwa 23 Muar and Tegas Kota Tinggi);
  • 2 in Penang (Ladang Valdor 12 and Tapak Bina Jalan Lembah Indah – both i nPerai);
  • 2 in Perak (Jalan Besar Chemor and Jalan Leong Sin Nam – both in Kinta);
  • 4 in Selangor (Industri Jalan 1D Petaling, Industri Jalan Kebun 2 Klang, Tapak Bina Jalan Abdul Manan Klang and Tapak Bina Putra Prima Sepang);
  • I each in Melaka (Tapak Bina Taman Desa Bertam) and Sabah (Sungai Bendera Kinabatangan).

The 1,424 active clusters out of 5,207 identified todate contributed 1,202 of today’s Covid-19 new cases, close contact screening made up 11,681 cases and 6,601 came from other screenings.