MCO day 546: Malaysia’s Covid-19 tally passes 2 million with 15,669 new cases

PUTRAJAYA, 14 Sept 2021:

Malaysia has passed another grim milestone of two million infections as another 15,669 persons testing positive over the past 24 hours brought the nation’s tally to 2,011,440 cases.

The seven states with 4-figure new cases are Selangor (2,632), Sarawak (1,983), Johor (1,974), Sabah (1,784), Penang (1,651), Kelantan (1,406) and Kedah (1,207).

Triple digits were recorded in Perak (856), Pahang (763), Terengganu (483), Kuala Lumpur (411), Melaka (329) and Negeri Sembilan (143). Fewest cases were reported in Labuan (3), Putrajaya (14) and Perlis (30).

There were seven Malaysians among the 17 imported cases, local transmissions involved 14,169 citizens (90.5%) and 1,483 foreigners. Of this total, 283  were hospitalised while the bulk were either asymptomatic or had mild symptoms.

The 18,053 discharges brought total recoveries to 1,764,579 (87.7%) while the number of active cases had reduced by 9,153 yesterday to 228,124 – according to the Health Ministry’s latest update at

Of this total, 188,563 (82.7%) are in home quarantine, 25,350 (11.1%) at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 12,910 (5.7%) are hospitalised.

For those hospitalised, 954 confirmed Covid-19 patients were at intensive care units (plus another 312 suspected cases) and 432 confirmed Covid-19 patients needed breathing aids (plus another 257 suspected cases).

The grim statistic of lives lost to Covid-19 rose by another 124, rising to 413 fatalities after adding delayed reporting – inclusive of 176 brought in dead – to bring the death toll to 21,124.

The casualties were recorded in Selangor (111), Kedah (54), Johor (52), Sabah (39), Kelantan (36), Penang (33), Negeri Sembilan (29), Pahang (15), Melaka (13), Perak (13), Kuala Lumpur (8), Sarawak (5) and Terengganu (5).

There were three high-risk groups in Johor (Jalan Sutera Merah Dua JB), Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Cheras Batu Empat) and Sarawak (Jalan Upland Kuching) among the 29 identified today, with 12 community clusters and 14 workplace clusters.

The 12 community clusters comprised:

  • 9 in Kelantan (Depan Masjid Kampung Banggol Kulim Pasir Mas, Jalan Atas Paloh Kota Bharu, Kampung Banggol Badang Kota Bharu, Kampung Bawah Lembah Bunut Payong Kota Bharu, Kampung Panjang Tawang Bachok, Kampung Sungai Keladi Pasir Mas, Kampung Teluk Panji Kota Bharu, Taman Nashriq Tawang Bachok and Taman Prima Indah Pasir Mas);
  • 2 in Sarawak (Jundak Saeh Merah Subis and Kampung Segedup Kuching);
  • 1 in Pahang (Kampung Sungai Kiol Jerantut).

The 14 workplace clusters comprised:

  • 4 in Johor (Batu Empat Yong Peng, Industri Batu 16 Saleng Kulai, Industri Kampung Kebun Sayur Muar and Jalan Dewan Pontian);
  • 2 in Pahang (Jalan Mentakab -Temerloh and Sawit Lepar Hilir Kuantan);
  • 4 in Perak (Industri Jalan Bercham Kinta, Jalan Bidor Belatim Batang Padang, Jalan Industri Dua Kampar and Jalan Putra 1B Kinta);
  • 2 in Selangor (Industri Batu 29 Hulu Selangor and Industri Dua Jalan Telok Gong Klang);

1 each in Kelantan (Jalan Pasir Puteh – Kota Bharu) and Penang (Taman Industri Prai Baru Dua).

The 1,448 active clusters out of 5,182 identified todate contributed 924 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up 8,662 cases and 6,066 came from other screenings.