MCO day 545: New daily Covid-19 cases drops to 16,073 as Sabah records highest Covid-19 daily death toll

PUTRAJAYA, 13 Sept 2021:

Daily additions to Covid-19 infections fell to 16,073 persons testing positive over the past 24 hours as Malaysia is poised to pass another milestone with the current tally standing at 1,995,771 cases.

The eight states with 4-figure new cases are Sarawak (3,522), Johor (2,030), Selangor (1,947), Sabah (1,649), Penang (1,243), Kedah (1,191), Kelantan (1,070) and Perak (1,011).

Triple digits were reported in Pahang (878), Terengganu (704), Kuala Lumpur (398), Melaka (206) and Negeri Sembilan (156). Fewest new cases were charted in Labuan (11), Putrajaya (16) and Perlis (41).

There were eight Malaysians among the 21 imported cases, local transmissions were made up of 14,352 citizens (89.4%) and 1,700 foreigners. Of this total, only 233 needed hospitalisation as the bulk had no or mild symptoms.

The 24,813 discharges brought total recoveries to 1,746,526 (87.5%), with 967 confirmed Covid-19 patients at intensive care units (plus another 345 suspected cases) and 444 confirmed Covid-19 patients needing breathing aids (plus another 254 suspected cases).

The grim statistic of lives lost to Covid-19 rose by another 177 yesterday, rising to 292 fatalities after adding delayed reporting, raising Malaysia’s death toll to 20,711, according to the latest update at CovidNow website run by the Health Ministry, together with 106 brought in dead.

The casualties were recorded in Sabah (84), Selangor (45), Kedah (36), Negeri Sembilan (29), Kuala Lumpur (18), Johor (16), Penang (16), Kelantan (13), Perak (11), Sarawak (9), Pahang (7), Terengganu (4), Melaka (2) and Perlis (2).

Active Covid-19 cases had fallen by 2,074 to 237,277 still under observation – with 197,225 (83.1%) persons in home quarantine, 25,635 (10.8%) at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 13,079 (5.5%) hospitalised.

The vaccination rate has dropped with 227,476 doses administered yesterday – 151,130 second jabs and 76,346 first jabs – to bring total injections so far to 38,488,051. Total adult population fully vaccinated had risen to 73.4%, while 91.3% had received the first jab.

Overall, 52.6% of Malaysia’s population has been fully vaccinated and 34.6% unvaccinated, with 65.4% having received the first dose.

There was an education clusters in Negeri Sembilan (Metro Sendayan Satu Seremban) among the 32 identified today, together with a high-risk group in Johor (Jalan Jasa 59 JB).

The 14 community clusters comprised:

  • 4 in Kelantan (Jalan Wakaf Mek Zainab Kota Bharu, Kampung Banggol Kulim Pasir Mas, Kampung Bunut Susu Pasir Mas and Kampung Pauh Panji Kota Bharu);
  • 2 in Pahang (Kampung Tementong Lipis and Paya Mengkuang Temerloh);
  • 6 in Sarawak (Andi Liam Beluru, Pulau Brunei Limbang, Sungai Dabai Pakan, Sungai Kerubong Sarikei, Sungai Sujan Mapok Sebauh and Tinwar Keleku Subis);
  • 1 each in Melaka (Kampung Solok Terentang Jasin) and Perak (Kampung Pecah Batu Muallim).

The 16 workplace clusters comprised:

  • 8 in Johor (Batu Empat Parit Bakar Muar, Industri Jalan Muar-Tangkak 13, Jalan Firma Dua Tebrau, Jalan Kemajuan Tangkak, Kampung Parit Jamil Muar, Tapak Bina Desa Permai Kluang, Tapak Bina Jalan Bangau Kulai and Tapak Bina Putera Indah Batu Pahat);
  • 2 in Kedah (Dah Estate Industri Kulim and Dah Kangkong Industri Alor Setar);
  • 3 in Perak (Industri Pengkalan Johan 2/1, Lorong Pasar Manjoi and Persiaran Kanthan Satu – all in Kinta);
  • 1 each in Lintang Bayan Lepas Tujuh), Sabah (Ladang Desa Jerocco 2 Kinabatangan) and Selangor (Industri Jalan Lengkuk Klang).

The 1,444 active clusters out of 5,153 identified todate contributed 1,206 of today’s Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up 9,039 cases and 5,807 came from other screenings.