MCO day 544: Confusing Covid-19 death toll of 592 on Sept 11, new cases at 19,198

PUTRAJAYA, 12 Sept 2021:

While Malaysia has seemingly recorded its highest ever Covid-19 death toll with 592 fatalities as of 11.59pm yesterday, Sept 11, according to the Health Ministry’s (MoH) CovidNow website with the 12.30pm update, MoH later tweeted that the actual casualty number is a lot lower at 171, due to adjustments for delayed reporting.

Any which way, the latest casualties, which includes 88 brought in dead, brings the nation past another grim milestone with the death toll at 20,419.

The highest number of fatalities was in Selangor (359), followed by Sabah (53), Kedah (49), Perak (28), Penang (27), Negeri Sembilan (15), Kelantan (11), Johor (10), Sarawak (10), Melaka (9), Kuala Lumpur (8), Pahang (6), Terengganu (6) and Perlis (1),

MoH also tweeted that the casualties reported are only those whose death was caused by Covid-19 and excludes those found to have Covid-19 upon death.

Further, it clarified that past casualty figures are being adjusted to reflect actual death dates as MoH admits there had been some delays in the reporting of lives lost to Covid-19.

As for new cases, Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah announced there were 19,198 daily additions of Covid-19 infections as at noon today, bringing the nation’s tally to 1,979,698 cases.

The eight states with 4-figure new cases are Sarawak (5,291), Selangor (2,347), Johor (2,110), Sabah (1,717), Kelantan (1,435), Penang (1,309), Kedah (1,256) and Perak (1,118).

Triple digits were recorded in Terengganu (930), Pahang (584), Kuala Lumpur (376), Melaka (340) and Negeri Sembilan (283).

Fewest new cases were reported in Labuan (3), Putrajaya (32) and Perlis (67).

Explaining the high number of new cases in Sarawak, the state health director Datuk Dr Mohamed Sapian Mohamed said many of the infections were delayed reporting of up to five days due to the testing labs being overwhelmed. He also clarified that 99.9% had either no or mild symptoms.

There were two Malaysians among the five imported cases, local transmissions involved 17,428 citizens (90.8%) and 1,765 foreigners. Of this total, only 253 patients (1.3%) were hospitalised with inflamed lungs, needing breathing aids or on ventilators.

The 20,980 discharges brought total recoveries to 1,721,713 (87%) – leading to the number of active cases reduced to 239,351 as at 11.59pm on Sept 11 – with 199,487 (83.3%) undergoing home quarantine, 25,595 (10.7%) at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and 12,997 (5.4%) hospitalised.

As it stands, there are 960 confirmed Covid-19 patients at intensive care units (plus another 338 suspected cases), while 444 confirmed Covid-19 patients are on respirators (plus another 300 suspected cases).

There was a religious cluster in Pahang (Kampung Kolek Kuantan) among the 34 identified today, together with two high-risk groups in Johor (Jalan Genuang Segamat) and Kelantan (Jalan Pasar Lama Pasir Mas).

The 14 community clusters comprised:

  • 9 in Kelantan (Jalan Depan Masjid Bechah Semak Pasir Mas, Jalan Tali Air Padang Tembak Kota Bharu, Kampung Baru Hujung Repek Bachok, Kampung Bunut Payong Kota Bharu, Kampung Kedai Baru Banggu Kota Bharu, Kampung Kenak Pasir Mas, Kampung Pusu Sireh Pasir Mas, Kampung Sireh Bawah Lembah Kota Bharu and Lorong Masjid Tal Tujoh Pasir Mas);
  • 2 in Sarawak (Bijongon Bau and Nanga Lasi Mit Julau);
  • 1 each in Johor (Taman Dato Ajib Mersing), Kedah (Dah Kampung Rimau Pendang) and Perak (Wawasan Bernam Melintang Hilir Perak).

The 17 workplace clusters comprised:

  • 10 in Johor (Batu Dua Jalan Muar, Batu Tujuh Bakri Muar, Industri Jalan Perdana Dua Batu Pahat, Industri Jalan Sawmill Gemas Baru, Industri Sri Plentong Empat JB, Industri Tanjung Selabu Muar, Jalan MIEL Satu JB, Jalan Platinum Satu JB, Mukim Empat Parit Sulong Batu Pahat and Tapak Bina DPB Tiga JB);
  • 2 in Penang (Tapak Bina Jalan Tun Hamdan Sheikh Tahir and Tapak Bina Persiaran Cassia Selatan Enam – both in Perai);
  • 2 in Perak (Jalan Klebang 1/1 and Pulai Jaya Sembilan 2 – both in Kinta);
  • 1 each in Kelantan (Jalan Keting Gunong Bachok), Putrajaya (Putra Dua 2) and Sarawak (Sawit Serian).

The number of active clusters dipped to 1,440 out of 5,121 identified todate, contributing 1,583 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up 11,406 cases and 6,204 came from other screenings.