MCO day 501: Yet another high with 17,786 new daily Covid-19 cases

PUTRAJAYA, 31 July 2021:

Daily additions of Covid-19 infections charted yet another high with 17,786 new cases over the past 24 hours, raising Malaysia’s tally to 1,113,272 infections – passing yet another grim milestone of 1.1 million.

Soaring numbers of people testing positive continue within the Klang Valley – in Selangor (6,400), Kuala Lumpur (1,962), Negeri Sembilan (929) and Putrajaya (116).

Another three hotspot states reported 4-digit rises in new cases – Kedah (1,389), Johor (1,144) and Sabah (1,035) – while others with triple-digit positives are Terengganu (883), Perak (775), Penang (713), Melaka (697), Pahang (653), Kelantan (580) and Sarawak (485).

Recording fewer than 20 new Covid-19 cases are Labuan (9) and Perlis (16).

Among the eight states given leeway to ease lockdown measures, only Perlis seems to be keeping the situation under control while ever higher figures are still getting charted in Kelantan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak and Terengganu.

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There were five Malaysians among the nine imported cases, local transmissions involved 15,151 citizens (85.2%) and 2,626 foreigners. Overall, 3,043 had received vaccinations (17.1%).

The bulk of all today’s new cases are allowed to self-isolate as they’re either asymptomatic (9,377) or with mild symptoms (8,149). The 260 persons hospitalised had lung inflammation (165), needing oxygen supply (62) and critically ill on respirators (33).

Badly outpaced by new Covid-19 cases, the 11,718 discharges today brought total recoveries to 914,639 (82.16%) as active cases further surged to 189,609 with 1,062 patients at intensive care units and 534 needing breathing aid.

Triple digit fatality numbers continue with 165 today, raising the death toll to 9,024 with casualties in Selangor (52), Johor (30), Negeri Sembilan (23), Kedah (18), Kuala Lumpur (9), Sabah (9), Penang (7), Melaka (4), Perak (3), Sarawak (3), Terengganu (3), Pahang (2), Kelantan (1) and Perlis (1). Sadly, 12 Covid-19 patients were brought in dead to hospitals in Sabah (4), Selangor (3), Kelantan (1), Melaka (1), Penang (1), Perlis (1) and Terengganu (1).

There was a religious clusters in Sabah (Gambaron 2 Telupid) among the 28 identified today, together with a detention cluster in Selangor (KM4 Dengkil Banting) and a high-risk group in Johor (Jalan Pulai 22 JB).

Another 12 are community clusters in:

  • Kelantan (Kampung Guchil Tujuh Kuala Krai, Kampung Keluat Bachok, Kampung Nangka Bekelam Bachok, Kampung Tempoyak Kadok Kota Bharu, Kampung Tok Kaya Kota Bharu and Kampung Tok Sadang 2 Kota Bharu);
  • Sarawak (Jambatan Lemua Beluru and Kampung Git Kuching);
  • Kedah (Dah Kampung Tengas), Perak (Kampung Tengah Pangkor Manjung), Sabah (Jalan Corak) and Selangor (Pertak Hulu Selangor).

The remainder 13 workplace clusters are in:

  • Johor (Industri Jalan Bekok-Paloh Segamat, Jalan Rami Lima Muar and Tapak Bina Jalan Kangkar Tebrau JB);
  • Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Desa Bahagia and Tapak Bina Jalan Kuang Bertam);
  • Selangor (Industri Hulu Tinggi, Industri Jalan Perak Kuala Langat, Industri Jasmine Dua Bukit Beruntung Hulu Selangor, Jalan Bawal Tambak Klang, Tapak Bina Persiaran Aman Kuala Langat and Tapak Bina Setia Marina Sepang);
  • Kedah (Dah Perdana Industri Kulim) and Perak (Jalan Besar Tapah).

The 1,106 active clusters out of 3,679 identified todate contributed 2,313 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up 9,556 cases and another 5,908 from other screenings.