MCO day 499: Second highest daily tally with 17,170 new cases & 174 deaths

PUTRAJAYA, 29 July 2021:

Another 17,170 persons testing positive for Covid-19 over the past 24 hours has resulted in the second highest daily tally yet – down slightly from yesterday’ record of 17,405 infections – as Malaysia’s total hit 1,078,646 cases.

Within the national Covid-19 epicentre of the Klang Valley, new cases continue surging in Selangor (7,163), Kuala Lumpur (2,138), Negeri Sembilan (884) and Putrajaya (84).

Another two states with 4-figure daily new cases are Kedah (1,212) and Johor (1,054) with other hotspot states being Sabah (776), Pahang (638), Kelantan (615), Perak (596), Sarawak (582), Penang (554), Terengganu (437) and Melaka (416).

Recording fewer than 15 new daily Covid-19 cases Perlis (10) and Labuan (11).

Among the eight states given leeway to ease lockdown measures, only Perlis seems to be keeping the situation under control while ever higher figures are still getting charted in Kelantan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak and Terengganu.

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There were 14 Malaysians among the 32 imported cases, local transmissions involved 14,807 citizens (86.4%) and 2,331  foreigners.

The bulk of them are allowed to self-isolate – 8,488 asymptomatic and 8,299 with mild symptoms. Those hospitalised are 198 with lung inflammation, 138 needing oxygen support and 47 critically on respirators.

Among those who tested positive today, 2,753 had been vaccinated – just over 16% of the 17,170 new cases.

Recording its highest ever daily discharges of 12,930 patients, Malaysia’s total Covid-19 recoveries had reached 890,742 (82.58%) as active case further surged to 179,179 with 1,043 at intensive care units and 531 needing breathing aid.

It was also another black day with 174 fatalities, raising the death toll to 8,725 – with casualties in Selangor (70), Kuala Lumpur (20), Johor (17), Kedah (17), Melaka (10), Negeri Sembilan (9), Penang (9), Sabah (8), Terengganu (8), Perak (3), Kelantan (2) and Pahang (1).

A shocking 28 Covid-19 patients were brought in dead to hospitals in Selangor (13), Sabah (5), Penang (4), Kuala Lumpur (2), Melaka (2) and Terengganu (2).

There was a detention cluster in Johor (Jalan Salleh 2 Muar) among the 36 identified today, plus three high-risk groups in Perak (Fifth Avenue Kinta) and Selangor (Jenderam Murni Sepang and Jalan Ramin Satu Klang).

Another 14 are community clusters in:

  • Kelantan (Kampung Banggol Kemian Pasir mas, Kampung Chenok Kadok Kota Bharu, Kampung Mentera Kota Bharu, Kampung Pak Simpol Bachok, Kampung Parit Limbat Kota Bharu, Kampung Paya Rambai Kota Bharu and Kampung Wakaf Stan Kota Bharu);
  • Sabah (Batu Keramat and Lahat – Lahat – both in Tawau);
  • Johor (Jalan Denai Enam JB), Kedah (Dah Kampung Pokka Padang Terap), Pahang (Bukit Rok Bera), Perak (Kampung Selabak Intan Hilir Perak) and Sarawak (Kampung Senari Kuching).

The remainder 18 workplace clusters are in:

  • Johor (Industri Taman Sembrong Batu Pahat, Jalan Perang JB and Perdagangan Delima Pontian);
  • Kelantan (Industri Jalan 2/44 Padang Tembak Kota Bharu and Taman Jaya Indah Pasir Mas);
  • Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Empat C Titiwangsa, Jalan Helang Merah Kepong and Jalan Sri Permaisuri Sembilan Cheras);
  • Perak (Jalan Syed Thaupy Kerian and Tapak Bina Ipoh Permai Kinta);
  • Selangor (Bandar Resort Hulu Langat, Industri Seroja Lima Sepang, Sungai Puloh 14 Klang and Tapak Bina Persiaran Rimba Permai Sepang);
  • Melaka (Industri Teknologi Cheng 18), Negeri Sembilan (Industri Jalan TJ Dua Seremban), Sabah (Unipark Tawau) and Sarawak (Sungai Mangga Simunjan).

The 1,064 active clusters out of 3,604 identified todate contributed 1,899 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up 9,178 cases and another 6,061 came from other screenings.