MCO day 483: Worst tally yet as Malaysia’s new daily Covid-19 cases surge to 11,079

PUTRAJAYA, 13 July 2021:

Despite six weeks of strict lockdown, Malaysia’s Covid-19 infections have continued to surge to chart the highest ever daily tally yet at 11,079 new cases over the past 24 hours – raising the overall total to 855,949 infections.

In its daily report, the Health Ministry (MoH) said the increase is due to a 32% rise in screenings conducted since July 6, with 825,373 tests conducted till July 12 compared to 624,645 tests conducted the week earlier (June 29 – July 5).

MoH also said 76 Covid-19 variant infections had been detected – raising total detected so far to 273 variant of concern (VOC) cases and 20 variant of interest (VOI) cases.

For VOC, it had detected the Beta (195), Delta (67) and Alpha (11) variants while VOI infections are Theta (13), Kappa (4) and Eta (3).

Worst hit today within the national epicentre of the Klang Valley is Selangor – which recorded its highest ever daily tally of 5,263 new cases, followed by Kuala Lumpur with 1,521 and Negeri Sembilan also hit four digits for the first time ever with 1,033 infections. These three states alone made up over 70% of all new Covid-19 cases today.

Other hotspot states are Kedah (497), Sarawak (472), Johor (406), Perak (329), Melaka (323), Pahang (321), Sabah (239), Penang (234) and Kelantan (211).

While Perlis had no new Covid-19 cases, another three reported fewer than 100 each – Labuan (60), Putrajaya (77) and Terengganu (93).

Among the seven states given leeway to ease lockdown measures, only Perlis and Terengganu seem to be keeping the situation under control while high figures still getting charted in Kelantan, Pahang, Penang, Perak and Sabah. The same grim situation is also seen in Sarawak, which is due to have the lockdown eased as of tomorrow (July 14).

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There were 15 Malaysians among the 27 imported cases, local transmissions involved 9,143 citizens (82.7%) and 1,909 foreigners.

Swamped by new infections, the 5,990 discharges today brought total recoveries to 753,328 (88.01%) – but active cases shot up 96,236 while patients at intensive care units rose to 972 and 456 needing respirators.

It was also another black day with 125 more fatalities, bringing the death toll to 6,385 – with casualties in Selangor (57), Kuala Lumpur (20), Negeri Sembilan (13), Melaka (9), Johor (7), Kedah (7), Pahang (3), Penang (2), Perak (2), Sabah (2), Sarawak (2) and Kelantan (1). Sadly, 16 Covid-19 patients had their bodies brought to hospitals in Kuala Lumpur (7), Selangor (4), Melaka (3), Kelantan (1) and Penang (1).

There were 10 community clusters and 13 workplace-related among the 23 clusters identified today.

The community clusters are in Johor (Jalan Biru Kulim and Jalan Mawar Ulu Tebrau), Kedah (Dah Kampung Batu Kulim), Kelantan (Kampung Muring Kota Bharu and Kemahang Dua Tanah Merah), Kuala Lumpur (Kampung Baru Air Panas Titiwangsa), Melaka (Kuala Permai), Negeri Sembilan (Kampung Sungai Buloh Jelebu and Taman Waja Kuala Pilah) and Terengganu (Pulau Serai Dungun).

The workplace clusters are in:

  • Johor (Industri Teknologi Empat Tangkak, Jalan Bukit Mor Muar, Jalan Indah 15 JB, Jalan Molek Tiga JB and Jalan Pendekar 18 JB);
  • Selangor (Industri Perkampungan Perabut Hulu Selangor, Jalan Selayang Utama and Tapak Bina Laluan Kuala Selangor);
  • Kelantan (C2 Kubang Kerian), Melaka (Industri Jalan Usaha Lima), Penang (Industri Bukit Minyak 11), Perak (Jalan Taiping Kuala Sepetang) and Terengganu (Gajah Mati Bukit Besi Dungun).

The 870 active clusters out of 3,116 identified todate contributed 2,223 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up another 5,841 cases while 2,988 came from other screenings.