MCO day 459: Daily new Covid-19 cases at 5,911

PUTRAJAYA, 19 June 2021:

Daily additions of Covid-19 infections hit 5,911 today as Malaysia’s tally stood at 691,115 cases. A Malaysia was the sole imported case, local transmissions were made up of 4,444 citizens (75.2%) and 1,466 foreigners.

The national Covid-19 epicentre remains the Klang Valley – in Selangor (2,111), Negeri Sembilan (770) and Kuala Lumpur (483).

The other hotspot states are Sarawak (569), Johor (498), Perak (245), Kelantan (223), Kedah (204), Sabah (201), Labuan (185), Penang (167) and Melaka (134).

Perllis was the only state with no new Covid-19 cases reported, the other three with fewer than 100 new positives are Putrajaya (3), Pahang (62) and Terengganu (62).

Daily discharges continue to outpace new infections with 6,918 patients released today, bringing total recoveries to just above 90% or 622,244 cases so far. Active cases continue the downtrend to 64,523 isolated as pressure finally starts easing with patients reducing at intensive care units (886) and needing respirators (441).

Another 72 Covid-19 fatalities today raised the death toll to 4,348 – with casualties in Selangor (23), Kuala Lumpur (15), Negeri Sembilan (7), Pahang (6), Johor (5), Sarawak (5), Labuan (3), Kelantan (2), Penang (2), Kedah (1), Melaka (1), Perak (1) and Sabah (1). There were 11 Covid-19 patients who died at home with bodies brought in dead to hospitals in Selangor (3), Kuala Lumpur (3), Pahang (2), Johor (1), Negeri Sembilan (1) and Sabah (1).

There were four detention clusters among the 24 identified today – in Johor (Tembok Kluang), Kelantan (Tembok Machang), Labuan (Tembok Labuan) and Negeri Sembilan (Tembok Mantin) plus a high-risk group in Kedah (Dah Tiong).

Another seven are community clusters in Johor (Jalan Tengah), Kelantan (Kampung Bedal, Taman Damai and Taman Merbau Utama) and Sarawak (Mongkos 2, Sungai Banun and Tebakang Dayak).

The remainder 12 workplace clusters are in Johor (Jalan Kempas Lima, Jalan Kenyalang JB and Tanjung Bin Dua Pontian), Kedah (Dah Industri Jabi), Kuala Lumpur (Tapak Bina Jalan Perumahan Gurney), Melaka (Industri Jalan P1 Ayer Keroh), Pahang (Selindang) and five in Selangor (Industri Alam Jaya 2/1 Kuala Selangor, Industri Jalan Dua Gombak, Jalan Tujuh Selatan Dua Sepang, Jalan Vita Dua Sepang and Tapak Bina Perdagangan Dana).

The 824 active clusters out of 2,604 identified todate contributed 1,807 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, 2,698 came from close contact screening and 1,405 from other screenings.