MCO day 451: Klang Valley worst hit, nation’s daily new Covid-19 cases at 6,849

PUTRAJAYA, 11 June 2021:

The relentless increase in daily Covid-19 infections continues in Malaysia with 6,849 new cases today, raising the overall tally to 646,411 as the nation looks likely to hit the 700,000 cases mark by next weekend.

Apart from a Malaysian being among the four imported cases, it was especially notable how over a quarter of today’s local transmissions were foreigners (1,910, 27.9%) while Malaysians made up 4,935 (72.1%) cases.

The Klang Valley remains the worst hit – recording over 60% of new Covid-19 cases over the past 24 hours in Selangor (2,588), Kuala Lumpur (884) and Negeri Sembilan (685).

Another five states had over 200 new infections – Sarawak (699), Johor (426), Sabah (309), Kelantan (248) and Penang (205).

The remaining eight states with fewer than 200 new Covid-19 cases are Perlis (2), Putrajaya (10), Terengganu (66), Pahang (89), Kedah (161), Perak (161), Melaka (170) and Labuan (176).

Today’s 7,749 discharges outpaced new cases as total recoveries rose to 563,779 (87.22%), as active cases dipped further to 78,864 patients with the numbers still high at intensive care units (912) and those needing respirators (458).

The number of fatalities at 84 today raised the nation’s Covid-19 death toll to 3,768 – with casualties in Selangor (19), Sarawak (12), Negeri Sembilan (9), Labuan (8), Johor (7), Kuala Lumpur (7), Pahang (6), Sabah (6), Terengganu (3), Melaka (2), Kedah (1), Kelantan (1), Penang (1), Perak (1) and Perlis (1).

There was a high-risk group cluster in Johor (Jalan Permatang Lapan) and three community clusters in Kelantan (Cabang Empat Chetok), Kuala Lumpur (Penchala) and Sabah (Kopi Blues Tawau) among the 16 identified today.

The remainder 12 workplace clusters are in Johor (Bukit Bakri Muar, Laman Satu JB, Jalan Renchong Muar and Jalan Tanjung A Tiga JB), Sarawak (Pekan Tatau Baru, Semanok and Sungai Kakus) and Selangor (Industri Jalan Batu Arang Gombak, Industri Jalan Bunga Cempaka Dua Hulu Selangor, Industri Persiaran Raja Lumu Klang, Industri Puchong Lima and Industri Sungai Putus Klang).

There was a significant shift in new Covid-19 infection source classifications today with the 755 active out of 2,438 identified clusters contributing 2,186 cases, another 3,315 from close contact screenings and 1,344 from other screenings.