MCO day 448: Daily new Covid-19 cases at 5,566

PUTRAJAYA, 8 June 2021:

The number of daily new Covid-19 case additions may have been reduced during this past one week of full nationwide lockdown, but the past 24 hours still recorded a high number of 5,566 infections to bring the overall tally to 627,652 cases.

All four imported cases are non-citizens, local transmissions were made up of 4,895 Malaysians (88.0%) and 667 foreigners.

Selangor charted a slight daily new cases increase from yesterday’s 1,371 to post 1,524 new Covid-19 cases today, followed by Sarawak (707), Negeri Sembilan (505), Kuala Lumpur (466), Johor (456), Sabah (354), Melaka (314), Perak (225) and Kelantan (204).

There are now seven states reporting fewer than 200 new cases – Labuan (191), Penang (185), Pahang (157), Kedah (148), Terengganu (106) Putrajaya (27) and Perlis (1).

The 6,962 discharges today outpaced new Covid-19 cases as total recoveries rose to 541,319 (86.25%), as active cases dipped to 82,797 with 903 at intensive care units (ICU) and 458 needing respirators.

Another 76 fatalities brought the death toll to 3,536 (0.56%) – with casualties in Selangor (18), Johor (13), Negeri Sembilan (9), Kuala Lumpur (8), Labuan (7), Kedah (4), Kelantan (4), Melaka (4), Terengganu (3), Pahang (2), Perak (2), Sabah (1) and Sarawak (1). Sadly, there were five more who succumbed to Covid-19 at home and brought in dead to hospitals in Selangor (3), Johor (1) and Sabah (1).

In his daily report, Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the nation’s Covid-19 situation remains critical even though non-ICU bed usage has been reduced over the past two weeks to 89% from 99% previously and beds at Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres now at 54% usage.

“Usage of ICU beds had risen from 96% on May 24 to 104% on June 6. ICU bed usage of over 100% is very worrying as there are some critically ill patients who aren’t able to be placed in ICU wards.”

Dr Noor Hisham also said serious Covid-19 cases (categories 4 and 5) needing oxygen supply are rising – especially among older people and those with co-morbidity (afflicted by other diseases like hypertension, diabetes and such).

“These patients need longer recovery periods because of Covid-19 complications.” He said category 4 patients need 14-16 days of treatment while category 5 patients take 19-26 days for full recovery.

There was a religious cluster in Johor (Jalan Logah Segamat) among the 24 identified today plus three high-risk groups – in Johor (Teluk Kabung), Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Cempedak 2 Kepong) and Negeri Sembilan (Jalan Melang Kuala Pilah) – and five community clusters – in Perak (Rantau Kenanga), Sabah (Kampung Bundu and Tanjung Aru Baru) and Sarawak (Ulu Sebakong and Ulu Teru).

The 14 workplace clusters are in Johor (Industri Tanjung Agas and Jalan Kesang), Kedah (Dah Mahang Merah), Kelantan (Jalan Kota Jelasin), Kuala Lumpur (Tapak Bina Muda 2 Titiwangsa), Penang (Jalan Seruling Seberang Perai Selatan), Putrajaya (Jalan Alamanda Presint Satu), Sabah (Coral, Ocean Blue and Segara) and Selangor (Bukit Rahman Lapan Gombak, Jalan Enam C Hulu Langat, Jalan Equine and Jalan Satu Olak Dua Kuala Langat).

The 730 active clusters out of 2,385 identified todate contributed 1,280 of today’s new Covid-19 cases, close contact screening made up 2,972 cases and another 1,310 were from other screenings.