MCO day 446: Hope beckons as daily new Covid-19 cases dip to 6,241 & RT at 0.99

PUTRAJAYA, 6 June 2021:

The relentless addition of Covid-19 infections in Malaysia continues with another 6,241 positives recorded over the past 24 hours, raising the overall total to 616,815 cases so far – but hope beckons as the daily tally dipped below 6,000 cases.

Another piece of good news is the infectivity rate (R-naught or RT) for the whole nation has finally dipped below 1 – meaning the chain of infections may finally get broken five days after the nationwide lockdown took effect from Tuesday June 1.

There were five Malaysians among the 14 imported cases today, local transmissions were made up of 5,404 citizens (86.8%) and 823 foreigners.

Selangor kept on charting highest number of new cases at 2,178, followed by Sarawak (600), Johor (565), Negeri Sembilan (556), Kuala Lumpur (415), Sabah (305), Penang (271), Kelantan (270), Melaka (225) and Labuan (212).

Meanwhile, six states registered fewer than 200 new Covid-19 cases each – Perlis (2), Putrajaya (30), Kedah (125), (Pahang (155), Terengganu (158) and Perak (174).

The 5,133 discharges has raised total recoveries to 526,809 (85.41%) while active cases continue rising to 86,628 with 890 at intensive care units and 444 needing ventilators.

Fatalities rose by another 87 today, bringing the death toll to 3,378 (0.55%) – with deaths in Selangor (34), Johor (12), Negeri Sembilan (9), Kedah (6), Kuala Lumpur (5), Penang (4), Sarawak (4), Kelantan (3), Pahang (3), terengganu (3), Labuan (2) and Melaka (2).

The sad toll of Covid-19 deaths at home continues with six more brought in dead today in Selangor (4), Negeri Sembilan (1) and Penang (1).

A record 30 new clusters were identified today – with two education clusters in Perak (Behrang Stesen) and Selangor (Jalan Kasturi Satu Hulu Langat); a high-risk group in Selangor (Bukit Gasing), a religious cluster in Melaka (Kilometer 35 Kemendor) and a detention cluster i nJohor (Pagar Jalan Sultanah Mersing).

Another seven are community clusters in Kelantan (Bukit Jong, Kampung Bakong and Kampung Jejawi), Pahang (Jaya Gading) and Sabah (Gusi, Murni C and Tamalang).

The remainder 18 are workplace clusters with seven in Johor alone (Jalan Bertam 23 JB, Jalan Silat Harimau 21 JB, Jalan Teknologi Perintis Dua JB, Ladang Tereh Kluang, Taman Aman Kluang, Jalan Kebun Sayur Muar and Jalan Parit Haji Zain), Kedah (Dah Saga), Kelantan (Sri Cemerlang), Melaka (Industri Bukit Nian), Penang (Hilir Sungai Kluang Tiga and Industri Chain Ferry), Putrajaya (Jalan Alamanda Dua), Sabah (Jalan Ketiau Tombovo, Jalan Utama Sandakan and Sawit Kinabatangan) and Selangor ( Jalan Waja Enam Belas Kuala Langat and Persiaran Sabak 26 Klang).

The 713 active clusters out of 2,338 contributed 1,011 of today’s Covid-19 positive cases, close contact screening cases dipped to 3,829 and 1,387 cases came from other screenings.