MCO day 413: Daily new Covid-19 cases at 3,120 with highest death toll of 23

PUTRAJAYA, 4 May 2021:

Another 3,120 Covid-19 infections got added over the past 24 hours, raising Malaysia’s tally to 420,632 cases.

Today also marked the highest number of Covid-19 fatalities daily with 23, bringing the death toll to 1,574. All were Malaysians – with six deaths each in Kelantan and Selangor, four in Sarawak, two each in Johor and Sabah plus one each in Kedah, Melaka and Perak.

Following 2,334 discharges, total recoveries now stand at 387,542 (92.34%) as active cases rose to 31,516 with 338 at intensive care units and 181 needing respirators.

There was a Malaysian among the six imported cases, local transmissions involved 2,918 citizens (93.7%) and 196 foreigners.

Selangor kept charting highest number of new infections with 675, followed by Sarawak (620), Kuala Lumpur (408), Johor (336), Kelantan (296), Penang (167), Kedah (155) and Perak (117).

Perlis recorded no Covid-19 case additions for the second consecutive day, Labuan has five; while the remaining six states charted double-digit new infections.

Another 17 new clusters were identified today, with four being education-relayed in Johor (Jalan Ungku Abdul Aziz), Kedah (Dah Kilometer Tujuh), Perak (Lubuk Katak) and Sabah (D’Kuala); plus one religious cluster in Johor (Taman Sri Lambak).

Johor also had two of the seven community clusters at Jalan Surian and Tangkis Selatan, as did Sarawak (Batu 25 and Bungey), with the remainder in Kedah (Jerai Maju), Kelantan (Batu 30) and Labuan (Layangan Labuan).

Workplace clusters made up the rest in Johor (Persiaran Medini Sentral), Kelantan (Jalan Kweng Hitam), Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Yahya 2), Penang (Jalan Besar Sungai Jawi) and Selangor (Taming Jaya).

As 10 clusters ended today, those active had risen to 405 out of 1,706 identified todate.