MCO day 390: Another 1,739 Covid-19 cases as Malaysia’s tally passes 360,000

PUTRAJAYA, 11 April 2021:

There were 1,739 new Covid-19 infections reported over the past 24 hours as Malaysia’s overall tally reached 360,856 cases today.

As 1,216 patients were discharged overnight, total recoveries now stand at 343,953 (95.3%). Active cases rose to 15,574 with 183 at intensive care units and 81 needing respirators.

There are three Malaysians among the eight imported cases, local transmissions are made up of 1,343 cigtizens (77.6%); 388 foreigners.

The trend of high new Covid-19 cases in Selangor continues with 535 today, followed by Sarawak (443), Sabah (127) and Penang (113). Perlis had no additional infections, Labuan with four new cases while all other states had double-digit new reports.

Another eight fatalities – all Malaysians with four in Selangor two in Kuala Lumpur plus one each in Johor and Sabah – brings the Covid-19 death toll to 1,329.

There are eight new clusters identified today with four in Sarawak alone and two in Selangor.

Of these, three are community clusters in Sarawak (Abak Bon abd Nanga Kelangas) and Sabah (Meruntum) while the workplace clusters are in Sarawak (Jalan Badarudin and Jalan Bambangan), Selangor (Jalan Desaria and Jalan Kasawari) and Kelantan (Jalan Zainab).

As another eight clusters ended today, those active stays at 343 out of 1,459 identified todate.

The prognosis for Covid-19 infections in Malaysia remains bleak as the infectivity rate or R-naught (RT) is surging again in all states – including those which haven’t been in the spotlight in recent weeks for reporting any increases in infections. The tables below clearly illustrate how infections are expected to continue rising to possibly 3,000 daily by end-May.