Jewelry stolen by runaway maid recovered in Penang

BUKIT MERTAJAM, 18 Nov 2019:

An estimated RM125,000 worth of jewelry stolen by an Indonesian domestic worker in a house in Bandar Perda, was found behind the victim’s residence here on Saturday.

The RM2,600 cash and jewelry were found in a bag the maid had left at about 1.30pm – believed to have been returned by the suspect for fear of being arrested by police after the incident surfaced on social media.

Owner of the house, Muhammed Abu Talib Mohamed Sagubar Ali, 33, said he heard the sound of objects falling in the back of the house before he came out and saw a handbag containing various jewelry near the back door.

“We were all shocked to see all the stolen jewelry and cash was left in the bag except for a ring, but I didn’t mind as long as the other items were in good condition. I believed the maid must have dropped it off before fleeing,”

Muhammed Abu Talib, an operations manager of a logistics company said he contacted police to inform the jewelry had been found before it was taken to the authorities for further investigation.

He said all the jewelry belonging to his mother, Zeenathunisa Packer Meera Sahib, 64, was kept over 10 years and was a gift from his grandmother and his father.

“I was amazed at the positive attitude of my mother who was unfazed by the incident. She did not panic but prayed that it would be returned.”

He said the family had forgiven the housekeeper and turned over the case to the police.

Meanwhile, Central Seberang Perai district police chief ACP Nik Ros Azhan Nik Abdul Hamid confirmed the discovery of the jewelry and said efforts to locate the Indonesian woman were ongoing.

“We believe the woman may still be around the area.”

In the 9am incident yesterday, an Indonesian maid stole RM2,600 in cash and her employer’s jewelry worth RM125,000 from a house in Bandar Perda and the family became aware of the incident after returning home from the market.

– Bernama