In 2 days, almost 3,200 vaccinated folks test positive for Covid-19 in Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA, 27 July 2021:

Daily Covid-19 reports issued by the Health Ministry (MoH) this week have revealed additional hints of how well the national vaccination programme is protecting Malaysian residents from contracting this disease.

In the two days where extra data on infected persons had included whether these people had any vaccination history, a quick calculation has shown 3,174 vaccinated individuals had tested positive for Covid-19.

As MoH’s reports don’t further drill down on this data, it is unknown if these vaccinated people – who got infected with Covid-19 – had received only a single dose or been fully inoculated with both doses.

The bulk of vaccinated people who tested Covid-19 positive are either asymptomatic or had mild symptoms.

On Monday, when 14,516 new cases were reported, MoH’s data revealed:

  • 7,216 asymptomatic patients (95.6% not vaccinated);
  • 7,045 had mild symptoms (87.6% unvaccinated),
  • 83 had lung inflammation (67.5% unvaccinated),
  • 77 needed oxygen support (85.7% unvaccinated) and
  • 95 critically ill patients (97.9% unvaccinated) needed respirators.

A quick calculation showed 1,231 vaccinated persons still got infected with Covid-19 – making up 8.5% of total new infections recorded.

Today, when 16,117 daily infections got reported, MoH’s data revealed:

  • 9,061 asymptomatic persons (94.4% unvaccinated),
  • 6,710 with mild symptoms (79.5% unvaccinated),
  • 135 with lung inflammation (73.3% unvaccinated),
  • 124 needing oxygen supply (83.9% unvaccinated) and
  • 87 critical patients (95.4% unvaccinated) needing respirators.

A quick calculation showed 1,943 vaccinated individuals or 12.1% of today’s new positives had been confirmed to have contracted the disease.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah had already explained vaccination does NOT prevent a person from getting Covid-19 infection – hence the need maintain preventive measures like wearing masks and social distancing.

But he said getting vaccinated can prevent an infection from getting serious, and MoH’s latest data does reflect this projection.

On Monday, only two vaccinated persons were critically ill and needing respirators while four were recorded today. But damage still seems to occur to a relatively high number of infected patients’ lungs despite then being vaccinated. So the best solution is to avoid getting exposed to the virus.