Can used tyres generate income for local councils?

TAWAU, 13 July 2019: 

Local authorities (LA) in Sabah have been urged to engage with relevant industries to tap into the potential of used tyres as a source of income.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Jaujan Sambakong said used tyres for example, could be recycled to make bitumen or jogging tracks.

“As I said, find new sources, new ideas that can bring in income from what is already there. Local authorities should not just depend on the old sources,” he said after the launch of the state-level Asean Dengue Day here today.

He cited China, which adopted the approach – and as a result, various recycled tyre-based industries had been created.

Jaujan opined that used tyres should not be disposed of into the sea to become artificial reefs.

“Even though I am not expert in the scientific field, I believe the tyres can pollute marine habitat as they surely contain harmful chemicals,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, he did not discount punishment being imposed on litterbugs, that is, being compelled to wear a vest with the word, ‘Monyet’ embossed on the back, might be enforced in other districts in the state other than Semporna.

“Why not, if such punishment pays off and is not harmful. There are rules and fines to pay, yet there are still those who couldn’t care less about littering. True, there were objections initially, when the punishment was introduced in Semporna but people are now ‘afraid’ of throwing rubbish indiscriminately.”

He added that the punishment was not meant to ridicule the culprits but an approach to instil awareness.

– Bernama