Bus consortium fits devices to monitor driver errors

GUA MUSANG, 16 June 2017: 

The E-Mutiara consortium is set to install Vehicle Maintenance System (VMS) on all its express buses to detect errors made by the drivers.

Executive chairman Che Ibrahim Che Ismail said the system would detect errors committed by drivers and it would be monitored by its control centre at the company’s office to enable action to be taken against offenders.

“Each driver is given specific training on the matter because many aspects of the driving will be recorded by the system such as the way the vehicle negotiates bends or hilly areas, to enable us to identify if negligence was committed.”

Che Ibrahim said the company’s bus drivers would also be given assessment once a month, and if they failed to perform well, they would be required to go for refresher course to familairise themselves with all regulations required in the system.

“Drivers who perform well in the assessment will be given incentives.”

As of now, Che Ibrahim said 70% of the 70 express buses owned by the company had already been installed with the system and he expected all its coaches would be equipped with the system by year-end.

He said the system was an additional step taken by the company on top of the existing speed limiter device fitted on its express buses to ensure the safety of all passengers and for them to travel to their chosen destination in comfort.

Che Ibrahim also revealed there was a plan to build a 50-room hotel for the comfort of travellers, especially those travelling from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur to get some rest before continuing their journey.

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