Another 23 Covid-19 VOC cases detected over past week

PUTRAJAYA, 10 June 2021:

The Health Ministry (MoH) has detected another 23 new SARS-CoV-2 virus variants of concern (VOC) over the past week, from June 3-8.

In a statement, MoH gave the breakdown as 19 cases of Beta variant (B. 1.351) and four delta variant cases (B. 1.617.2).

The Beta variant cases had been reported in Selangor (8), Putrajaya (3),  Kedah (2), Kuala Lumpur (2), Melaka (2), Perak (1) and Perlis (1).

Meanwhile, the Delta variants were reported in Kuala Lumpur (2) and Putrajaya (2).

Overall, MoH said there had been 145 SARS-CoV-2 virus VOC cases detected and 16 variants of interest, making up a total 161 cases of these variants with higher infectivity rates detected as at June 9.

Further providing a breakdown by classifications, MoH reported the VOC cases are:

  • 123 cases are Beta variants (B. 1.351) (all cases of local infection);
  • 13 cases of Delta variant (B. 1.617.2) (8 imported and 3 local infections); and
  • 9 cases of variants of Alpha (B. 1.1.7) (5 imported and 4 local infections).

The VOI cases reported are:

  • 12 cases of variants of Theta (P. 3) (all cases of local infection);
  • 3 cases of variants of Eta (B. 1.525) (all imported infections); and
  • 1 case of variant Kappa (B. 1.617.1) (imported infection).

With these VOC and VOI SARS-CoV-2 viruses spreading within the local community, MoH advised members of the public to continue being vigilant and urged to register themselves and family members to get vaccines in efforts to help the country in achieving herd immunity.