4 women robbed on top of a hill by 2 men

BESUT, 24 Sept 2017: 

It was a bitter-sweet experience for four women when they successfully scaled the peak of Bukit Keluang on Friday.

Even before they could congratulate one another on their feat – on a path rarely used by other climbers – they found themselves ‘greeted’ by two men, who charged at them while brandishing a knife and a piece of wood.

The duo wearing short pants and t-shirts threatened to rape and kill the women if they refused to hand over their jewellery which they wore, cash and valuables.

“Fearing for their lives, the women did as they were told before the robbers ran downhill via a route towards the sea and disappeared,” said Besut police chief, Supt Mohd Zamri Mohd Rowi.

He said the victims comprised a 55-year-old woman, her 21-year-old daughter and two friends aged 24 and 39.

“The women from Pasir Mas, Kelantan had climbed Bukit Keluang via the route facing the sea which was not the regular path used by most climbers.

“When they arrived at the peak about 2.30pm, two men suddenly emerged from a jungle and began charging at them while armed with a knife and piece of wood.

“The women were threatened with rape and murder if they refused to hand over their jewellery and valuables to the robbers.”

Mohd Zamri said the victims were robbed of three gold bracelets, gold chain, gold ring, three mobile phones and RM200.

He reminded the public to exercise caution when climbing the hill.

Meanwhile in KUANTAN, a South Korean tourist has been reported missing while on vacation with his family at Bukit Tinggi Bentong.

Bentong police chief Supt Mohamad Mansor Mohd Nor said Kim Chae Won, 71, was last seen drinking tea at the Japanese Tea House about 3.30pm.

He said the septuagenarian’s family members realised he was missing when they wanted to return to their accommodation.

After failing to locate Kim’s whereabouts, his family alerted the Berjaya Hills’ security department and joined them in searching for the victim but until 6pm (on Friday), the victim was nowhere to be found.

“A search and rescue (SAR) team comprising policemen, firemen as well as six volunteers was deployed about 9.50pm.”

The SAR team which is also being assisted by the police canine unit and Berjaya Hill security staff resumed operations at 8am yesterday, and widened their search area.

– Bernama


Bite marks on a forest fruit led to the discovery of a South Korean tourist who was reported missing in Bentong.

Bentong district police chief, Supt Mohamad Mansor Mohd Nor said Kim Chae Won, 71, was found in a weak condition at 3pm today, near a watery area about 1.5km from the centre of the search and rescue (SAR) operation.

He said Kim was found by Zainal anak Ali, 26, from Kampung Sungai Paga, Pos Koyan, Kuala Lipis, who was one of the 31 Orang Asli who joined the SAR operation.

“Zainal found a fruit with human bites which led us to the victim. There were fruits where the victim was found which were believed to be his source of food,” he said when contacted.

He said Kim was sent to Bentong Hospital for treatment.

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