Think roti canai, think KitKat

PETALING JAYA, 12 Sept 2019:

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate all things Malaysian – so what better way than to incorporate everyone’s favourite snack – chocolate – with some of Malaysian’s all-time best-loved breakfast treats: nasi lemak, roti canai and curry and kopi & kaya crunch. And of course, who could forget chendol durian?

So with Merdeka Day having just passed, Malaysia Day right around the corner – plus KitKat Chocolatory celebrating its third anniversary, it was inevitable this chocolate confectionary brand would put a unique spin on things.

These specially curated Malaysian-inspired flavours are limited editions and freshly produced exclusively at the Sunway Pyramid pop-up store from now till Oct 6.

Nestle (Malaysia) Bhd business executive officer of Confectionary Business Unit Asean, Sachin Goel, said: “KitKat always pushes the boundaries when it comes to innovating and introducing new flavours that Malaysians love.

“Naturally, we want to create something uniquely Malaysian that has never been done before to celebrate two iconic national days – Merdeka and Malaysia Day. That’s how we came up with KitKat Roti Canai & Curry and other locally inspired Malaysian flavours that are artisanally handcrafted with the finest ingredients which can only be found at our KitKat Chocolatory store.”

Nestle Malaysia chief executive officer Juan Aranols echoed the sentiment. “Malaysia embodies diversity and is best represented in its food that is influenced by many different cultures and traditions.

“Hence, what better way to introduce the limited edition local favourites that Malaysians can take pride in? We believe our consumers will definitely enjoy these Malaysian inspired KitKat flavours created for them.”

And if the limited edition chef’s creations aren’t enough, KitKat Chocolatory has a variety of other traditional treasures such as Rose Bandung, Onde-Onde, Apam Balik and Ice Kacang.  Not to be forgotten: a special range of mooncake-inspired flavours like Redbean, Pandan Salted Egg, Tiramisu and Snowskin Durian; all of which can be customised with your choice of gift box for any occasion.