Possible fines for keeping car engine running while waiting

LONDON, 15 May 2019:

Staying comfortable while you wait, by keeping your car engine running, will soon become an offence in the UK – and you can be fined for polluting the environment.

These fine have already been reportedly issued since 2017 by some local councils like Westminister, but stricter rules mean police no longer need to wait at least a minute after giving the driver a warning for engine idling.

“Having spoken to more than 20,000 drivers so far, our air quality marshals found that most who idle, do so out of habit,” said Westminster City Council leader Nickie Aiken.

“Once they know the damage it causes, including the health risks, and they’re asked to switch off the engine, they do and think twice before idling again.

“Fines should be a last resort – we prefer to ask nicely.”

This council also cited research indicating an average idling vehicle produces enough exhaust emissions to fill 150 balloons a minute with harmful chemicals.