Outsized TNTCO streetwear shows off Domino’s Pizza values

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 April 2021:

Popular Malaysian Streetwear brand TNTCO has created a Domino’s Pizza unique spin with its limited edition Ultrapocket clothing series – which is selling fast after pre-orders began earlier this month.

The entire line showcases ultra-sized apparels featuring large pockets for large savings that Domino’s offers, said Linda Hassan, group chief marketing officer for Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore.

“We value our customers and we are clear on our goals. We know we want to create something that would be unexpected. We thought it was about time for us to visually present the savings that we continuously channel back to our customers through the fun and highly-relatable pocket expansion, hence the ultra-sized designs.

“It is a campaign that goes beyond promotion as we incorporated our seamless delivery and take-away services. As our focus remains clear on the savings we aim to put back in our customers pockets, we ensure that our service and product quality are not compromised.”

The TNTCO series range from the oversized T-shirt to baggy pants, as well as jackets, limited edition overalls and accessories such as tote bags. It also represents the first such collaboration by Domino’s Pizza into apparel, Infusing creativity with Domino’s fun culture and attitude.

“Streetwear collection itself is an in-thing among Malaysians and we left it to the experts to bring our ideas to life. I was personally inspired by the design, look and feel,” Linda added.