NZ PM’s ‘arrogant prick’ signed comment auctioned for charity

AUCKLAND, 16 Dec 2022:

A signed copy of the transcript of a parliamentary session where New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern was caught calling an opposition party leader an “arrogant prick” is being auctioned off to raise money for a prostate cancer charity.

The document – signed by both Ardern and ACT Party leader David Seymour – had reached NZ$45,500 by thisday evening, the Trade Me auction website said.

Ardern made the comment during question time on Tuesday when asked by Seymour to give an example of “making a mistake, apologising for it properly, and fixing it.”

After she finished her reply, she sat back down next to her deputy Grant Robertson and could be heard saying “he’s such an arrogant prick” under her breath.

The comment was broadcast on parliament television as the speaker announced the next question.

Ardern later apologised to Seymour, who accepted the apology.

“In the spirit of a Kiwi Christmas, two political foes unite to raise money for a good cause,” the auction website said.

The proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

On the website, Ardern and Seymour appear smiling in a series of photographs signing the copy of the transcript in her office.

The auction, titled “Ardern, Seymour join forces for pricks everywhere,” began yesterday and will close on Dec 22.

The winner will receive “a framed printout of the Parliamentary Hansard co-signed by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and one-time arrogant prick, ACT Party Leader David Seymour.”

One in eight men in the Oceania country get prostate cancer in their lifetime.