Malaysian talent Andrew Lee making it big in the Americas (video)

MIAMI, 24 Jan 2022:

In his first-ever appearance on American television, Malaysia’s top-rated magician Andrew Lee performed a blindfolded knife-throwing trick on the second season of  the Go-Big Show, in the episode broadcast on Thursday, Jan 13.

This performance saw Lee ace the knife-throw onto a board hung from the neck of American rapper T-Pain – with the aid of Jennifer Nettles, another American singer. Both these singers are judges on the TBS network’s Go-Big Show with actress Rosario Dawson and wrestler Cory Rhodes.

Having been ranked higher by all four of these judges against fellow competitor Joe White’s axe-throw act, Lee will next feature on the next round of this outrageous talent show, tentatively scheduled to be broadcast on Feb 17.

In statement, Lee said that prior to this privileged invitation to be part of only 20 competitors on the Go-Big Show – who were specially-selected from around the world – Lee had pivoted his magical performances to embrace the online arena as the Covid-19 pandemic had caused all in-person shows to be cancelled.

“I’m happy to say that I’ve done over 650 shows via Zoom and also conducted virtual performances to cheer up homebound staff of many international corporate clients. I have performed so far for many Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Airbnb just to name a few.

“With online performances, I can now have best of both worlds by doing shows both in person and connecting virtually anywhere with my mobile studio. Everything I need is in a suitcase with multiple video cameras, light and sound equipment.

“When Covid-19 travel restrictions were lifted, I was also blessed to be hired to perform on several cruise ships, mainly in the Caribbean. I’m glad to say that Malaysian talent is well-recognised as being of international standards.” Lee is currently sailing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with Viking Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Lee credits part of his success to manager Cindy Teh, in a partnership of six years now, and who also performs as his assistant on shows. “Magician’s assistants are in a special class of performers, they are not just pretty faces.”

He recalls a quote that really stuck following his partnership with Teh: “Sometimes the most fearsome thing is not the lack of opportunities but our willingness to take a chance and put ourselves out there. Don’t worry about the people who will criticise you; they are not the voices that matter. Choose to focus on your own hopes, rather than your fears.”

This quote is a constant reminder and embracing this mantra, Lee already has bookings lined up though next year on cruise ships sailing the coasts of the US, Alaska, Mexico, South America and Asia.