Lights out at eCurve, rebirth plan by year-end (video)

PETALING JAYA, 1 April 2021:

Both external and internal lighting were symbolically turned off at the eCurve mall here yesterday, marking its closure after 14 years in operation.

The sombre atmosphere with eCurve’s loyal shoppers, employees and friends of the mall gathering to share fond memories was however also filled with hope for rebirth plans to be unveiled by year-end.

Boustead Properties Bhd senior general manager for Property Management and Investment, Jazmi Kamarudin, gave this assurance and emphasised that all possible options are being considered for this freehold landplot.

“Maybe it would be ideal to have a hospital here as there is a huge population base close by. It will well complement the office blocks, the Curve mall, Ikano and Ikea plus Tesco and the Royal Bintang hotel, all of which continue to operate as usual.”

Pressed if Boustead Properties will retain the existing structure – which had offered eateries, movies, retail sales and digital sporting events, leisure and entertainment – Jazmi said the option remains to rebuild entirely.

“Even if the final plan is to have high-rise condominium residences, given there is also a huge demand within this area, we will maintain the existing linkage between the Curve and the Surian MRT station with proper lighting, shelter from weather and also security patrols.”

As for tenants displace by eCurve’s closure Jazmi said all of them have been offered the option of relocating to the Curve neighbourhood mall and while some have taken up on the offer, others have also opted to either relocate or shutter operations altogether.