Ikea Malaysia celebrating dads with 1-month paid paternity leave

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Oct 2017: 

Swedish parents have one of the world’s most generous employer benefits and Ikea has brought such a perk from its home base to Malaysia – with one month paid paternity leave implemented for its staff here since January this year.

“Ikea has always taken an interest in life at home for families and we embrace Swedish values – including equality at work and at home,” says Lydia Song, human resources director for Ikea Southeast Asia.

“This year, throughout our stores and offices in Southeast Asia, we have introduced one month of paid paternity leave to enable new fathers to care for a baby in that first incredible month.

“We believe both men and women should have an opportunity to be actively involved in raising children. We see this small step is making a big difference to the dads in our business, and their partners.”

In conjunction with the introduction of the one-month paid paternity leave, Ikea Malaysia and the Swedish embassy in Malaysia are teaming up to launch a photo contest that celebrates local dads.

The selected 10 dads in Malaysia will win a session with a professional photographer and see their portraits go on public display alongside a Swedish Dads – a photo exhibition by award-winning photographer Johan Bävman – at the National Art Gallery as well as the MyTown Shopping Centre. 

Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, hopes the photo contest and Swedish Dads exhibit will raise awareness of the importance of equality in parenting, where both moms and dads play roles of equal importance. 

“We want to share the Swedish approach to gender equality and parental leave, based on both parents taking an active role in caring for their children.

“We hope to inspire Malaysian dads to benefit more from the invaluable experiences that come with harmonious and equal parenting.

“We believe family-friendly workplaces – and paternity leave benefits in particular – are a win-win-win situation.

“Parents get more family-life balance and employers get more productive and satisfied employees.” 

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